How To Send Packages From The USA To Europe

by Sachin

International package shipping might be daunting for a first-timer. Contrary to domestic shipping, the packages travel a long way, from one country to another. In the case of shipping parcels from the USA to Europe, they even cross different continents. No wonder that many feel lost at how to handle this task. But no worries! You’ll be fine if you follow these steps.

Do your research on the destination country

It doesn’t matter if you are considering shipping to Poland, Italy, Romania, or any other country in Europe. It is important to research what items are allowed to be shipped. International package shipping has some general restrictions and prohibitions, but they may vary depending on the country in question.

Another point to keep in mind is how much you can fit into the package. Be sure to look into weight and size limitations as not to exceed them. If you put too much or pick too big of a box, it will influence the shipping price. It may even make your parcel unavailable for international package shipping.

Choose a shipping service

If your items meet the requirements, it’s time to pick a shipping service. Be attentive. Double-check, if the company delivers packages to the country of your desire. Some services might be shipping to Europe. But they do not necessarily include package shipping to Russia, Ukraine, or any other country on the continent. Save yourself the trouble and study the list of destination countries carefully. Especially during the covid-19 pandemic, as there might be temporary shipping restrictions to certain parts of Europe.

When choosing a shipping service, you want to consider two key aspects – the speed and the price of the delivery. Many shipping companies offer different shipping plans. They range from the most economic and slowest, to the fastest and most expensive. Pick whichever meets your needs the most.

Pack your package

Always keep in mind that your parcel will travel a long distance. It’ll have the highest chance of reaching its destination without any damage if you pick a sturdy box. How you pack the insides is also very important. Wrap your items in protective materials and fill in the empty space to prevent the insides from tumbling around.  

Write the correct address

The address is the parcel’s ID. Make the slightest mistake and your items might be left at the wrong doorstep or even get lost. Since you are sending from the USA to Europe, it is useful to check the destination country’s rules for writing addresses. They might differ from the ones used in the USA and even by country. Also, write the address clearly or print it out and stick it on the package on a visible spot. If you’re using an old box, remove all previous labels so that they don’t get mixed up with the new ones.

Fill in the customs form

Filling in the customs form is an essential part of shipping from the USA to Europe. Each country has its own customs regulations and may charge the recipient with extra fees. It all depends on the items you are sending. That is why it is important to get to know the charges which may be applied in the destination country.

All international packages must go through customs procedures. They are inspected and, if needed, the taxes are calculated. Provide as much information as you can. It will help your package to clear the customs faster.

Send your package

Once you have fulfilled the previous steps, the last thing left is to bring your package to the drop-off location of the shipping services you have chosen. If you have any questions, consult the customer service and leave your parcel in their care. And then only the waiting till the package reaches its destination remains.

Sending packages from the USA to Europe might be confusing at first. It requires effort if you wish everything to go smoothly. You need to gather information on the specifics of your destination country, compare different international package shipping services, and be diligent when packing and filling the address and customs form. But everything can be done with a little research and by following the mentioned steps.

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