How to Transfer Whatsapp Messages From Android to iPhone

by Sachin

So, you have got a new iPhone and all that is left to do now is to transfer your Whatsapp chats to it from your old Android set. But, that’s where you have hit a roadblock, right? You cannot directly transfer the chats from Android to iPhone by simply taking the backup, but that doesn’t mean you have no way out.

Here are the three most popular and viable ways to transfer the Whatsapp chats from Android to iPhone.

Transfer WhatsApp messages from Android to iPhone using email

Whatsapp lets you email the conversations to a particular contact, which in this case, can be your email ID. Keep in mind that it is a lengthy and tedious process because you can only send one chat at a time. So, it is better to email only the selected chats to yourself so that you can keep their backup. Given below are the steps you need to follow in this regard:

  • Go to the Settings option on Whatsapp and select Chats
  • Click on Chat History and select Export Chat to choose the chat that you want to transfer
  • You can choose whether or not you want media to be included in the backup or not
  • Choose Gmail enter your email ID here.
  • Click on send and restore the chat in the iPhone.

It is important to mention that your Whatsapp chat recovered through this method can only be seen as a text file on iPhone, and not in the usual way. So, there is really no point in moving the entire data.

Transfer WhatsApp messages from Android to iPhone with WhatsApp Backup

A lot of people are under the impression that you can transfer Whatsapp chat from Android to iPhones through Whatsapp backup, but the truth is that you can’t do it. Let’s see why the cross-platform way out is just not possible.

It’s a common misconception that simply taking a chat backup on Whatsapp is enough to transfer the chats from Android to iPhone. Yes, you can access the ‘Chat Backup’ option from the Chat menu and you can store your chats on the local storage or Google drive. You can even access these chats from the storage as per you need. But, you can’t move this to your iPhone.

The fact is that the encoding on these two devices is remarkably different. Thus, the simple solution of taking Whatsapp backup on your Android phone and restoring it on iPhone does not work.

Transfer WhatsApp messages from Android to iPhone with AnyTrans

AnyTrans is the most effective and the simplest solution for transferring Whatsapp messages from Android to iPhone. It not only supports the direct transfer of data from one device to another, but can also maintain backups and restore the chats, as per your convenience. It has a user friendly interface that makes it easy for you to operate, and at the same time the quality and security of your data is not compromised while transferring.

The best part is that it works not just for Whatsapp, but also for other apps such as Viber or LINE. AnyTrans can actually make your iPhone experience go a lot smoother and unleash a lot more possibilities for your new device. Besides managing messaging apps, exporting contacts and messages, storing files and documents. The vendor of AnyTrans also lets you freely convert HEIC images to JPG

But, let’s keep the details of all that for some other day, and take a look at how it transfers Whatsapp messages from Android to iPhone:

1. Launch AnyTrans for iPhone on the computer

2. Connect the iPhone to the computer using the USB cable

3. Select ‘Social Messages Manager’ and click on Whatsapp

4. Choose the Android to iPhone option

5. Click ‘Next’ and wait for the backup to complete

6. Launch Whatsapp on the iPhone and the transferred data will be there. The time to transfer WhatsApp Messages varies based on the amount of messages.

It works for all versions of Android and iPhone, so you will never face compatibility issues. You can pick up your chats from where you left off.

So, now you know all the methods of transferring Whatsapp chats to the iPhone, and you have a clear idea of what the best way is available to you. Go ahead and download AnyTrans today!

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