How To Unlock Your iPhone – Flexible Contracts, Enhanced Resale Value and More

by Sachin

Everybody knows the benefits of unlocking your iPhone, right? You can avoid roaming charges with local SIM cards, increase the value of your phone in the resale market, find a great deal for that suits you with any carrier, and much more. With that being said, the unknown’s of when unlocking your iPhone can put us off. With handsets becoming more expensive year on year, more and more people are opting for network contracts. 

These contracts offer low deposits and affordable monthly payments. But they come at a cost. They can leave you with a less than ideal contract and a phone worth less when you come to sell it on. Let’s take a closer look at why you should unlock iPhone

Thinking About Unlocking your iPhone?

For a long time people thought that your iPhone being locked to the original network was a fact of life. That contract you took out was great at the time, but years down the line it might not suit your needs. Even if your contracts works for you in one set of circumstances, there are a number of shortcomings to even ‘good value’ contacts.

If you’ve ever travelled you’ll know just how expensive roaming can be. No matter how many minutes, text or data you buy, it’s never enough. Increased connectivity and dependency on our devices means that 12GB of data disappears in just a few days. This can be solved by unlocking your iPhone. No matter where you travel, if your iPhone is unlocked you can purchase a PAYG SIM from any local carrier and get unlimited data for however long you’re visiting the country for. This usually costs a fraction of what your network would charge you under their roaming plan and means you can continue to use your device to get the most out of your trip. Whether that’s finding a restaurant or bar or navigating using maps.

Selling a locked iPhone can be a nightmare. You have to find the right buyer, accept their terms and take the hit on price. Locked iPhones are worth on average 20-30% less than an unlocked iPhone. Not only will you get more money, you have a larger audience to sell your phone to. Knowing this, people will often do anything to get their phone unlocked, only to find out their iPhone has been damaged or their warranty has been invalidated. This doesn’t have to be the case. There is a safe way to unlock iPhone.

Unlock iPhone Safely

Online searches return a ton of questionable, shady websites and forums which offer the world. Sometimes even suggesting you can ‘jailbreak’ your iPhone for free. Even before iPhones, this was a risky option. When your device can be worth upward of £1000, you’re playing with fire. These sites often cripple device performance, invalidate warranties and leave your  iPhone scrap.

Everybody knows of a local high street iPhone repair shop, while these guys may be able to unlock your iPhone, there’s no way to know how reliable they are or what the level of service they offer is. You could strike gold, but you could also come up short. Even if they’re able to unlock your iPhone, you will have to leave your device with them whilst they unlock it. Many of us depend on our phones, we rely on them for everything from regular functions to storing confidential information. Leaving your device with a strange is both inconvenient and a security risk. 

Another option is IMEI unlocking, which in our opinion, for a number of reasons, is the best method available to unlock your iPhone. IMEI unlocking works by getting a third party company to whitelist your iPhone in Apple’s own database. This means your iPhone is permanently unlocked, without the iPhone’s performance or warranty being effected. However, even if you decide to IMEI unlock, it’s important to choose the best company. Just like high street stores, there’s good and there’s bad. 

Where to Unlock Iphone?

If you do decide to unlock your device, there are a few things to look out for. You want to find a company that is convenient, delivers the unlock quickly, is affordable, and offers great customer service. With more than 8000 reviews and over a decade of experience DirectUnlocks ticks all of these boxes. 

To show you guys just how easy it really is, we tried out DirectUnlocks iPhone XS/Max unlock using their IMEI unlocking service. It’s no surprise they have so many repeat customers, we were pretty impressed to say the least. All we had to do was enter a few basic details, pay just $28, and we received an email telling us how and where we could track our order as DirectUnlocks completed the unlock. We didn’t have to send off the device, call our network, or lose any connectivity.

In no time at all we got a follow up email from DirectUnlocks telling us our iPhone XS/Max  unlock was complete. All it took to complete was a Wi-Fi connection, a SIM card from another carrier, and a quick restart of the iPhone. DirectUnlocks recommend this to ensure the phone is able to receive the all clear via Wi-Fi that it is now unlocked. If you have any issues at this stage, DirectUnlocks customer service is available 24/7. For only $28 we now have an unlocked iPhone XS/Max worth 20-30% more than it was before which is free to use any SIM card whenever we decide to shop around for a more suitable SIM deal. 

All in all a quick, easy and painless service from DirectUnlocks

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