Is It Possible To Beat A Slot Machine?

by Sachin

In the last decade, online casino games have swept over the entertainment industry. The online gambling industry has established a strong foothold and become a multi-billion-dollar business that engages players on all continents. The recent boost in popularity can largely be attributed to increased accessibility through mobile platforms and significantly enhanced payment options and user functions. 

Online casino games come in many shapes and forms these days, but online slots are still the most sought-after and widely played online casino games. Mimicked after machines that have been part of land-based casinos for decades, online video slots entice players with captivating narratives, great game features and stunning graphics. 

Among these video slots are so-called progressive jackpot games. In these games, a small percentage of every stake goes towards a jackpot that’s shared across the entire gaming network. This means that every player chips-in with every game round he or she plays. As a result, these jackpots grow seriously big rapidly, and it’s not uncommon for online jackpot games to payout multi-million winnings every other month or so.  

How Online Slots Work – What You Need To Know

Superstition has always surrounded hazard games, and online slots are no exception. So, is there any science to the madness, or is it all based on luck? In other words, is there any way of getting the upper hand by understanding the game mechanics and mathematical models behind these games? Well, yes and no. 

For starters, all online casino games run on RNG engines. The abbreviation stands for Random Number Generator, and these are algorithms ensuring that the result of every game round is completely random. Game manufacturers and operators are frequently audited by licensing bodies and third-party authorities that make sure these RNG engines are followed and implemented to a tee. 

So, what does this mean? Well, as you’ve probably already guessed, it means that there’s no way of predicting the outcome of a slot. Unlike table games, such as Blackjack and Baccarat, there aren’t really any strategies that can help you win. At least not to the same extent.

However, there are some benefits to understanding the mathematical models and some of the key features that distinguish one slot from another. And one of the most critical aspects when it comes to online slots is volatility. A slot’s volatility refers to how often a slot pays out winnings. Furthermore, there’s usually an inverse relationship between a slot’s volatility and the size of the winnings the slot hands out. 

To put it in a nutshell, a high-volatility slot pays out large winnings, but the wins come far apart. A low-volatility slot, on the other hand, is likely to pay out winnings quite frequently. However, you’re not very likely to win particularly huge sums. 

Increase Your Winning Chances Through Correct  Bankroll Management And Game Choice 

So how can you put your knowledge of a slot’s volatility into good use? 

Well, you can adjust your strategy and gameplay according to the volatility of the slot. And perhaps more importantly, you can choose a slot that suits your bankroll. 

For instance, if you’ve got a decent amount of money to spend, you might want to consider trying a highly volatile slot. A substantial bankroll will allow you to keep playing longer, thus increasing your chances of triggering a lucrative bonus round or hitting the big win. You will, of course, spend quite a bit of money in the process, but chances are it’ll be worth it when that big win comes trickling down.

If you haven’t got that much cash in your bankroll, it’s not very wise to pick a volatile slot, as you’re very likely to spend your entire bankroll without ever coming close to a win. Under such circumstances, you’re better off picking a low-volatility slot. The likeliness of winning several smaller sums will increase your chances of building your bankroll gradually. That way, you can switch to a more volatile slot once you’ve got enough cash in your bankroll to keep you afloat.

When implementing these strategies, it’s wise to adjust your stake as you go. If your bankroll starts decreasing, you should, of course, lower your stake so that you can play more rounds and hopefully build your bankroll back up.

Put In The Time And Do Your Research

Just like with anything else, you’re more likely to be successful if you do the needed research and become knowledgeable in what you do. 

In this case, it’s advisable to do some research on your favourite games. Most game manufacturers offer detailed specifications of their games on their website, making it easy for you to check a game’s volatility, RTP level and game mechanics. 

In some cases, you’ll also be able to see how often a bonus round is triggered, and the likeliness of hitting the maximum win. And if you don’t find the information you need on the manufacturer’s website, there are plenty of third-party websites offering this information. 

Another good way to check out a game is to play it with free spins. That way, you get a first-hand look at the game without spending any of your own money. Go to to see a list of great casinos that offer a good game selection and free spins.

What You Need To Keep In Mind When Playing Online Slots

It’s important to underline that casino games are based on luck and that they’re mathematically designed to favour the house. 

And although the game rounds are completely random, there are of course algorithms determining how often winnings and bonus rounds are triggered. In summary, there isn’t any way to beat a slot machine, but you can increase your chances slightly by being mindful of your game choice and bankroll. 

The charm of video slots lies in the games’ straightforwardness and uncompromising nature. You simply put in your stake, press the button and hope for the life-changing moment when the reels come to a stop. 

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