This Facebook Messenger bot will find your dream job

by Sachin

The theme Messenger in the business sector is currently strongly through the roof. Just recently, Facebook has offered companies the opportunity to program bots that automatically result in touch with fans and customers. We tried the first job-Bot for Facebook Messenger.

Added: Anyone looking for a Siri alternative or a friend to listen, which is with the bot of Jobmehappy certainly not happy in the long run. Is efficient, fast, easy – and does not have much left over for small puns or jokes. Jobmehappy is a search engine that claims to be curated over 200 sources of free places on the net and so is the possibility for the user to be found on one side all clearly listed.

Well, it sounds to us now to discuss current somewhat strange things that we normally have searched the net and found a Bot on Facebook Messenger. And quite honestly, So it is. But those chatbots will play a greater role, is beyond question, so perhaps we should get used to it sooner rather than later.

ChatBot knows no Moin

The chatbot Jobmehappy is accessible via two routes: either directly through the Facebook page of the company “Send Message” section or by Facebook Messenger – there has to scan a code and then comes directly into the 1: 1 chat, From now on you can bot with its problems and desires, uh, harass job requests. A simple “Moin” he does not understand the way (yet), friendliness is therefore still small written here (höhö).

But what he understands are all sorts of questions like

  • Seeking a job as AB in XY.
  • Are there vacancies as AB in XY?
  • Find a job in XY.
  • Jobs AB.

and so on. Within a few seconds, the bot then outputs the top results and a link to the search on the site with all hits in five cards.

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Facebook Messenger bot

precise search, but reasonably accurate

The search is reasonably accurate, but this depends largely on how you expressed the bot over. For the next version, incidentally Jobmehappy planning a better question recognition and a user profile that asks the bot to search out so even better and more suitable job.

Overall, the experiment Chat Bot is quite unusual and I’m not sure if I thus really have a time saver. Meaning the bots is indeed from Facebook’s point of view that users are more in the ecosystems in the road, and not jump to Google or other sites to get their information (well, works well only until the bot results from outputs, but still).

Anyway, I’m curious to see how the subject and also the Jobmehappy bot evolve. As he works to date, it would be for me, not a solution, which I could not do without, but for starters, it makes you curious for more. Try it times out and tell us in the comments what you think!

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