20 Kisscartoon Alternatives in 2023

by Sachin

Kisscartoon is a famous name among sites that allow you to watch cartoons and animated movies for free. This website has more than thousands of animated shows and movies.

It is a good source that has channels or shows suitable for both adults and children. Plus, it offers some of the most famous anime and cartoon shows of all time. However, navigating the website is complicated at times, primarily because of the frequent ads pop up.

Plus, there are times when the site shuts down entirely but then returns after a few days. Even the kisscartoon app has been a little troublesome in the past and is not very desirable anymore.

Such scenarios raise doubts about its reliability. Therefore, it is always better to have more than one option or backup plans on websites for entertainment.

And we are here to provide you with the best, with some of them being even better. So keep scrolling to continue reading and find out these top 20 alternatives yourself.

Top working Kisscartoon Alternatives

With several losses going on in 2023, another terrible news left all the cartoon lovers devastated. Yes, Kisscartoon is no longer working

But don’t worry. We have got you covered. Let us look into top working alternatives to this platform.


The names are similar, but the features are not. KimCartoon is a more efficient website than kisscartoon because of the enhanced features it has.

Operating this website is comfortable, and the number of ads is minimal here. You can easily find the search bar on the homepage along with other categories such as the latest update, new cartoon, and most popular.

The website also describes the cartoon’s plot, airing date, number of updates, views, and so on

The animated series collection is overwhelming with shows like Avatar, Rick and Morty, American Dad, King of the Hill, Out, My Little Pony, The Stockholms, and so on for free. It is improbable for you to not find the show on this platform.

Website Link

2.Cartoon Extra 

The name of this website in itself suggests that this video streaming platform has extra cartoon content than most of its competitors.

The navigations and interface of Cartoon Extra are neither too easy nor too difficult. It is an ad-supported website that allows you to watch everything for free. However, the number of ads will not be a problem as they are very less.

Moreover, there are no issues with the redirect links with this website, making it more enjoyable. The website offers plot details along with the released date and episode details. You can also read comics and watch movies on this website.

Popular shows like Looney tunes, The Fairly Odd Parents, SpongeBob Square Pants, The Adventures Time, Simpsons, The amazing world of Gumball are all available here.

Website Link


You will get a lot of kisscartoon vibes from using KissAnime as both these websites have a very similar interface and collection.

The ads that pop up on kiss anime are close to zero, and the website also gives the features to download the video content. The website is also very safe and secure to use.

You can see many categories like new edition, most popular, ongoing series along with the search bar on the home page of kissAnime. All the popular shows can be found here.

You can also watch interesting Japanese anime with this platform. All the content is available in HD as well as 360p.

Website Link

4.Watch Cartoons Online 

Another infamous website that will get you hooked with the cartoon collection it has is watching cartoons online. You may not find this website very fancy and appealing at first due to the simple layout it has.

However, you will definitely love this website after trying it once. There are tons of cartoon shows available on this unique website. You can either use the search bar to find the desired cartoon or go through all the categories to find out what you want to watch.

All popular cartoons like The American Dad, Trailer Park Boys, Costume Quest, and so on are available on this website. You can watch each and everything in HD quality without spending a single penny.

Website Link


Nyaa is more of a BitTorrent tracker and holds an overwhelming collection of cartoons and anime. Navigating this website is no big deal.

You can add filters or categories to modify your suggestions. The search bar is also available on the top corner of the home screen. You can easily download the content in whatever quality you want.

The thing or feature that makes this website even more special is its ability to allow the download of video games and software, live-action movies and TV shows, and even music that is mostly Japanese.

This website is indeed a whole package of entertainment that will not let you feel disappointed. Plus, it is absolutely free with no requirements of mandatory registration or sign-up.

Website Link

6.Cartoon Crazy 

Are you crazy about cartoons? Then this kisscartoon alternative is perfectly suitable for you. You can find more than thousands of cartoons and anime and watch them for free on Cartoon Crazy.

The video content can be streamed at 240p or 1080p that is HD quality as well. The navigations are user friendly. This website is ad-supported, so they will appear, but not once the playback has started.

Plus, you can find a wide area for English dubbed anime along with the ones with subtitles. However, the domain of this website is not very stable and changes sometimes. Everything other than that is perfectly fine, making Cartoon Crazy a reliable and entertaining choice.

Website Link

7.Cartoon Network 

Is it even possible to make a list of websites to watch cartoons and not include Cartoon Network? You can find each and every content ever created by the Cartoon network on this platform.

So, this website is more delightful for you if your interests are basically only about cartoon network contents. Plus, you can also have easy access to a few web-based games for kids.

The quality is available in HD as well as in other pixels. The interface is so classy that one may take it for a paid website. Plus, the number of ads is minimal. You can also find trivia quizzes of your favorite shows, and you get all of this absolutely free.

Website Link


Another useful alternative for kisscartoons is CartoonsOn. This is another free website that offers a variety of entertaining content.

You can find all the trending animated shows on this platform. The interface is straight-forward. However, navigating it can be complicated at times.

This is because of the pop-up ads that are connected to redirect links. Handling the redirect links is indeed complex. But other than that, this website is a great alternative, especially with the great content it offers.

Website Link


As the name suggests, Anime Rhino is an excellent source for watching not only cartoons but also animé. You can easily have free access to HD quality videos for online streaming.

This website is a fast working one with super easy navigations and a straight-forward interface. However, the collection on this website is not very wide, but you can find many enjoyable and entertaining things to watch on this website.

Website Link


Crunchyroll is another trendy name in the world of cartoons and anime watchers. The chances are that you are already familiar with this name because of its popularity.

This website offers numerous cartoons and anime to stream online or download for free. You can also find subtitles and dubs in different languages. This website is also suitable for reading mangas.

Ads do show up on Crunchyroll. However, they are minimum in numbers and do not show up once the playback has started. Overall, this website is an extremely reliable and beneficial source for tuning up with your favorite cartoons and anime.

Website Link

11.Disney junior 

Are you a Disney fan? If yes, then you have to visit Disney junior to find all your favorite shows available in HD quality for free online streaming.

This platform is suitable for both adults and children. Plus, if you have not seen the popular old Disney shows for a while, then get ready for the nostalgic flashback you will get with this website.

You can also play games on this website and also personalize it by choosing suitable filters. However, to enjoy this website’s benefits, you will need to login and unlock the content with your TV provider subscription.

The website is very appealing and fancy, and there are absolutely no ads. Overall, you must try this web site out if your interest lies in Disney.

Website Link


Just like Disney and Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon also has its official website for all the entertaining content it has ever made.

You can find everything from the old shows to the new ones on this platform. The interface is fascinating and user-friendly. You will not face any troubles in using this website.

Games are also available on this website to play. No registration or sign-up is required to use this website, and the number of ads is minimal. This website is definitely an excellent choice if you are into watching the Nickelodeon shows.

Website Link


Toonova is a classy website that gives some fierce competition to kisscartoon with its broad and easy access to the collection.

You can find all your favorite shows here and that too in high quality. The interface provided by this website is also user friendly, so you will not face any difficulty in navigation.

No compulsory form of registration and sign-up is required to use this website. However, there are pop up ads that you will have to deal with on a regular basis.

Website Link

14.Watch Series 

The watch series is a video streaming platform where you can watch almost all of your favorite cartoons and anime for free. You can also find different animated movies such as Frozen, Shrek, Up, Onwards, and so on with this platform.

Plus, in case you get tired from watching cartoons, and you can easily switch up to TV series, and movies as those too are available to watch for free on the WatchSeries.

You will face, and on this website but not won, the playback starts. In conclusion, you will have a fun and entertaining roller coaster ride with different forms or sources of entertainment and genres.

Website Link


The name may sound confusing, but the website is not. You can find tons of entertaining content on Bakabt for both cartoons and anime.

You can download various content from this torrent website. Navigating this website is a bit complicated. You will have to register and create an account first, and then you will be able to get down to business.

Overall, this website is a good option, especially if you are looking for downloading content rather than streaming them online.

Website Link


KuroAni is another free video streaming website through which you can have access to all your favorite cartoons and anime.

You can find both dubbed and subbed versions in more than one language. The interface is simple and easy to navigate. Plus, this website is comparatively new so you will not face any traffic.

Overall, this website is certainly worth a shot, and the chances are that it may become your favorite place for entertainment.

Website Link


ToonGet is another kisscartoon alternative that is a very entertaining place for cartoons and Anime lovers. This website is also free to use.

You can also download its application from a third-party platform. Plus, Asian Dramas are also available to watch for free.

Ads do show up frequently, but they open in another tab so you will not be disturbed in your viewing experience.

Website Link

18.Anime Planet 

Anime Planet is an excellent way of passing the time with full-on entertainment and that too for free. The name may only suggest anime, but you can also stream cartoons on this platform.

The navigations of this website are really quick, and the number of ads is minimal. You can also change the content in HD quality.

You can also make some personalization through the filter options it provides along with the search bar. No mandatory registration and login is required to use this website.

Website Link


Another reliable source for streaming cartoons and anime online for free is the website of 9anime. This website does not require any kind of registration or sign up.

The collection this website has is quite impressive, and the easy navigations make it even more desirable. It also has an inbuilt video player, and you can stream the content in HD quality.

Ads do not give much trouble with this website. Overall, it is very unlikely to find problems with this website. Plus, you will like this website even more if you are an otaku (anime fan).

Website Link 

20. Chia-Anime 

The ending website on this list is Chia-Anime. This alternative for kisscartoon is a reliable and efficient source for streaming cartoons and anime for free.

You can easily stream the content in HD quality. Also, it offers an in-built video player.

Navigating this website is simple with its user-friendly interface.

You can find all the famous cartoons and anime like Rick and Morty, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Scooby-Doo, Adventure time, Tom and Jerry Tales, and so on.

Website Link  


There is no need to pout on the loss of the kisscartoon platform. Select any one of these alternatives and upgrade your viewing experience.

These were the best alternatives for Kisscartoon. It is time that you try them out for yourself now that you know about them and decide on which one is your favorite.


1. What Is Kisscartoon?

Kisscartoon was a unique platform that allowed all its users to watch loads of cartoons and anime for free. There was no mandatory login requirement. Users could watch their favorite show without any unnecessary disturbance.

2. How This Platform Provided Content?

Kisscartoon platform did not host any of the content on its server. It provided third party links to users to watch the content for free.

3. Is Kisscartoon Down?

Kisscartoon is currently down for unknown reasons. We are estimating the reason to be its pirated content. However, this has happened in the past, and kisscartoon has always made a comeback.

4. Is Kisscartoon Safe And Legal?

No. Kisscartoon is not a legal website, and some users have complained and reported issues regarding its safety. However, it wasn’t justified. It did not host any content on its server.

5. Are There Any Good Alternatives To This Platform?

Yes, there are several working alternatives to this platform. Here in this above-mentioned guide, we have listed the top alternatives. Choose any one of them and enjoy your favorite cartoon shows for free.

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