Methods to Promote Your New Online Business

by Sachin

There are a lot of hopeful entrepreneurs that want to create a profitable online venture. The idea itself sounds quite appealing, especially if you are tired of your old job and want to find something new.

However, just because you decide on starting an online store or another business does not guarantee success. More often than not, people struggle quite a bit and ultimately end up failing. 

Tough competition and lack of experience tend to be one of the most common causes behind having to abandon your project before making any real money. As does advertising.

You should not expect to see people coming on your website just because you have launched and optimized it. Here are some methods to attract more traffic, which will hopefully become paying customers.

Method #1 – Google Ads

PPC is not receiving as much attention as it should because most people are prioritizing other marketing methods. However, you can benefit quite a bit by creating a solid Google Ads campaign.

And things have become easier these days than how everything was years ago. There are more than enough courses online if you want to learn more about pay-per-click marketing. And all the available tools, like a Google Ads Prestashop module, for example, simplify the process and help you with saving resources, such as budget and time.

Method #2 – Guest Post on a Blog

You can pay money for an opportunity to post on someone’s blog. In fact, if you write a really solid article, you might be the one who gets paid. There are all kinds of blogs, but the bottom line is that an article with a backlink to your website works as a great method to attract customers.

People who are reading the blog will stumble upon your article and see a link. Clicking on it will redirect them to a landing page, which is your website, and once they are there, visitors could become customers. Also, these backlinks are great for SEO.

Method #3 – Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is one for the long-term, but that does not mean you should avoid optimizing the site right away. Even the basic stuff will make a positive impact. And you can look to invest more in SEO once you have made some profits. Hiring a professional who can plan a strategy for the next few months or even years is a good piece of advice.

Method #4 – Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing continues to become more relevant. It is no surprise given how many celebrities there are on the internet. And even influencers that have moderate numbers of followers can still make a big difference provided that you work with someone who has a relevant audience. 

Method #5 – Ads on Radio and Television

Advertising on radio and television, and even renting a giant billboard, is not something that many online businesses consider. However, given how there is always a fight between various brands, one should never disregard methods that seem to be outdated to some.

The prices might be high in certain cases, and the audiences that listen to the radio or watch television might not be those that spend a lot of time on the internet. Nevertheless, like already mentioned, if you are looking to attract more customers, try everything at your disposal.

Method #6 – Email Marketing

Email marketing is worth pursuing if you have a decent list collected from before. Otherwise, you will have to deal with collecting a list from scratch. It might seem like that is not much of a problem thanks to plugins that automate the process, but the time it will take is too long, and you will only be able to use the method later.

Method #7 – Posts on Social Media Platforms

Facebook and Instagram are the two platforms that come to mind when talking about social media marketing. However, Instagram is not that great to advertise your brand because there are no groups, and you can only leave a comment with a message that asks people to come and check your profile.

Ignore Instagram and stick to Facebook and the likes of Quora, Reddit, and LinkedIn. Advertising your products or services directly is possible on those platforms, especially if you are not looking to grow a profile from scratch (which you should do anyway).

Method #8 – Posts on a Forum

Forums have been replaced by social media, but you can still find some active communities to advertise yourself. The method itself is not that effective because posting links straight will result in getting banned most of the time. Therefore, you need to be more subtle when you are posting. Make a name for yourself first. Get members of a forum to notice you and avoid spamming links immediately after you register.

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