Mobile App Development For a Smarter and Healthier Future

by Sachin

We have witnessed mobile app development influencing almost all the sectors in recent years. Healthcare and fitness are two such industries revolutionized in a smarter way with just a little touch of mobile apps. Today you’ll find hundreds of mobile apps on various platforms providing health-related services. Whether you want health-related advice, want to monitor your vitals, need help with mental health, or book an online appointment with a doctor, there’s a mobile app for fulfilling all these needs. These apps have made healthcare smarter, reliable, and accessible to everyone.

As statistics show, the healthcare software development industry has grown significantly over the past couple of years, as more and more people are turning to such platforms and applications for doctor consultations, appointments and conducting offline/online sessions, as well as other issues related to patients’ health, —  says Slava Vaniukov, expert and co-founder at Softermii.

Mobile app development is witnessing a golden period in the market. Millions of apps to fulfill different needs, whether it’s buying groceries to ordering clothes, medicines, and other essentials. More and more developers are now moving to develop apps that meet users’ basic healthcare and fitness needs. The apps providing healthcare services are also known as mobile health or mHealth services, focused on providing medicinal and other healthcare services through mobile phones. According to Statista, the US alone’s total mhealth app market is expected to cross $ 50 billion by the year 2025. So, it is clear that the growing market size for mHealth apps signifies that healthcare is getting smarter. Let’s discuss more on how mobile app development is improving healthcare and making it available to everyone.

Top ways mobile app development is improving healthcare

Meanwhile, technologies like artificial intelligence, augmented reality and virtual reality, 5G, Beacons, etc., are making mobile apps more promising; the trend of mobile apps for healthcare is reaching a zenith. mHealth apps have made it possible for everybody to access proper and prompt healthcare from anywhere in the world. Let’s move forward and learn more about these apps.

#1 Making healthcare accessible to all

Mobile app development is a flourishing market, and its integration with breakthrough technologies has made life easier and more fun. Healthcare-related mobile app development has paved a new way for individuals to secure their health. Whether it’s mental or physical healthcare, there are mobile apps for fulfilling all health needs digitally. The main idea behind these apps is to make healthcare in one form or the other accessible to all. For example, Calm, it’s an app meant for guided meditations and sleep stories. This app helps its users live a healthy life by assisting them in getting adequate and sound sleep through its productive sleep stories and keeping a healthy mind and physique through the app’s guided meditation lessons. Then there are apps like Nike training club, which provides free workout lessons designed by certified trainers. This app allows its users to learn and do the same workout usually done in gyms from any part of the world for free. These two apps are prime examples of how mobile apps help maintain a fit body no matter what part of your world.

#2 Health and activity tracking

Nowadays, there are plenty of health and activity tracking apps available on various platforms that help monitor an individual’s basic activity and health-related parameters. These activity trackers continuously track the parameters related to the individual’s fitness and maintain records for future reference. These apps usually monitor sleeping patterns, heart rate, blood pressure, activities like the number of steps walked, calories burnt, etc. By watching all these parameters, these apps further guide and predict the necessary steps to take to further improve these vitals. The records maintained by these apps many times help doctors predict any disease or ailment in the individual. Google Fit is one such app powered by Google that allows an individual to track the physical activities done by him. 

#3 Monitoring a disease

There are many diseases for which the patient needs to be monitored continuously by the doctor. There are apps programmed with features that monitor the patient’s particular vitals according to the disease they are suffering from. For example, for people suffering from chronic heart disease, their vitals need to be monitored continuously. These vitals may include monitoring heart rate, blood pressure, etc., for this usually a wearable is given to the patients. These wearables have specific sensors enabling it to measure all these parameters of the human body. Doctors and patients both should have these risk assessment apps on their phones. These types of apps continuously monitor patients’ vitals and, in case of some irregularity, generate an alert notifying both patient and doctor. These features can help predict any problem with the body in patients earlier so that appropriate action can be taken at the right time.

#4 Maintaining a healthy lifestyle

Health and fitness apps are all about maintaining good health. Today fitness apps help monitor and generate recommendations to eat right, sleep right, and workout right. There are apps like MyfitnessPal which help you figure out the diet you should take and workout sessions you must perform based on your physical information like height, weight, or disease. These apps closely monitor your eating habits and, based on the data provided, evaluate new strategies for you to follow to get into the perfect shape and health. 

#5 Online appointments and medical advice

This, by far, is the best perk of mobile app development for health and fitness care. Most of the time, people circumvent visiting doctors to avoid sitting in a waiting room to get the turn. Especially in pandemics like Covid-19, people are afraid of visiting hospitals to minimize the chances of contracting the virus. Simultaneously, avoiding regular checkups can end up being a big problem for your body. Online consultation and appointment booking apps solve this problem to a great extent. You can book an appointment with your doctor and don’t have to wait to get yourself checked. Moreover, if the problem is not big enough, you can have an online consultation with a certified doctor on any of these apps. Ain’t it easy and safe to get your regular checkup done from your comfort zone. 

Wrapping Up

At times like these, when the whole world is facing a common enemy that is Covid-19, being fit and healthy is the most important thing to do. Healthcare and fitness studios were just limited for the rich, but today all thanks to mobile app development, these two things are accessible and affordable to all. Today you can find various apps on the platform of your choice for meeting your healthcare-related needs. Be it booking appointments or online consultations, ordering medicines, or monitoring your vitals, there’s a certified app for all of these. No doubt, we can say that mHealth apps are paving the way for a healthier and smarter future.

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