13 MotoGP Alternatives for 2023- A Comprehensive Guide

by Sachin


From the apex of speed to hairpins, curves and twists – motorcycling enthusiasts have no shortage of platforms to explore their love for bikes. MotoGP is one of the most coveted racing options among casual racers and seasoned professionals, with various sensational tracks, thrilling edges, and breathtaking journeys.

However, with the rise in technology, many alternatives to MotoGP are fun. This article comprehensively assesses 13 of the best options for enthusiasts in 2023 for an experience just as or even more exciting than MotoGP!

Current Status Of MotoGP In 2023:

The Commercial Bank Grand Prix, Qatar, is scheduled to mark the start of the 2021/2022 season on March 28th and will round off a few months later at Valencia on November 7th. With tall bike bodies and wind-scraping performance, this season promises to be another thrilling ride.

Best Alternatives For MotoGP:


Destination Link: formula1.com

A reliable portal with online content and a vibrant forum for motor racing enthusiasts from all over the world, F1 is hands down one of the best alternatives for the big fans of MotoGP. With highlights galore, it’s the perfect spot to keep up with the latest news on upcoming races or catch up with what happened while you were busy.


Destination Link: motorsport.com

A hub of everything a MotoGP fan would ever need, Motorsports has the latest news on championship standings, exclusive interviews from racers and technical analysis from industry professionals – all brought to you in one package! There are also last-minute grid predictions for those who want to beat their friends at the prediction game.:


Destination Link: crash.net

Crash dot net is the place to go for everything in moto-sports, including MotoGP. From championship reviews, tour guides & past race results, it has all the details you could ever want. It also covers various technical aspects and provides insightful analysis for track trends so that riders can better understand how others approach a particular course or circuit.


Destination Link: worldsbk.com

World Superbike, commonly known as simply SBK, is an international motorcycling series founded by the FIM for production-derived motorcycles. It is an excellent MotoGP alternative with some of the best professional riders worldwide!


Destination Link: gpone.com

GP one dot com has provided Motorcycle fans with insight & news into racing since 1997! Get inside-track information on every race and a specialized section covering technical analysis specifically applicable to Sport Bike classes, making this an excellent choice for more exacting enthusiasts looking for a delightful experience.


Destination Link: autosport.com

Autosport is one of the go-to sources for racing action, and its MotoGP section does not disappoint either! With up-to-date news from every corner of the world, stay abreast with some thrilling information on strategies & developments in the industry and daily race reports that never promise before-seen images capturing every motorcyclist’s colorful journey.


Destination Link: speedcafe.com

SpeedCafe dot com is the top destination for racing fans as it’s a big hit amongst MotoGP watchers worldwide! From championship reviews to past race reports, insider stories and much more – take your pick!


Destination Link: crash.net/motogp

A content-rich and accurate source of news & analysis on MotoGP that serves visitors with consistent updates throughout the season on various contests as they happen. There’s also a great comment section which is perfect for debating & interacting with other MotoGP fans!


Destination Link: motorsport-total.com

One of the significant providers for Motorsport-related news, interviews and even live tickers – this one place you can count upon no matter where you are! Not known to many perhaps but highly recommended nonetheless, find all your Motorcycle Racing information here and more !:


Destination Link: motorsportweek.com

A personal favorite of mine, I often rely on Motorsport Week dot com for all the latest news and rumors in the MotoGP scene! Excellent quality content ensures that readers stay ahead with the latest from what is known as ‘The Doctor’s Paradise.’ Get industry insights & much more here!


Destination Link: motogpstream.me

If watching live streams of races is your thing, then this website should be on top of the tournament map. Indeed, it promises to bring you every race in full HD directly from MotoGP servers taking care of any latency issues.


Destination Link: motogp.com

The official MotoGP website provides content both in Spanish and English languages! From exclusive news to comprehensive insights & pre-race info, get everything under one roof here and amazing pictures that can take your breath away!


With so many options out there for motorcyclists, it can be tough deciding which one best suits your needs or style but with this comprehensive guide, you are sure to find a suitable rival to MotoGP! Try some of the great alternatives listed here and have a thrilling time.


1. What is MotoGP?

MotoGP (or “Moto Grand Prix”) is the premier class of motorcycle road racing sanctioned by the Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM). It features motorcycles with sophisticated technology and specially constructed race bikes ridden by star riders competing in different classes for victory.

2. Where does the season start and end?

The 2021 MotoGP season will begin at the Qatar Grand Prix on March 28th and wrap up with the Valencia Grand Prix on November 7th.

3. What are some of the best tracks for a Motorcycle Road Racer?

Some of the most popular tracks for motorcyclists in 2023 are Silverstone (Great Britain), Red Bull Ring (Austria), Sepang International Circuit (Malaysia), Phillip Island Circuit(Australia ), Mugello Circuit (Italy), Montmelo Circuit (Spain).

4. What kind of bike do you need to compete in MotoGP?

To compete professionally, riders must have a machine that meets FIM specifications for their racing class or championship. The motorcycles used during grand prix races may differ from those eligible for road use and thus fall into specialized categories such as “prototype” machines.

5. Who is the most successful rider ever in MotoGP?

The record for the most successful rider ever goes to Valentino Rossi, who has won 7 World Championships, 30 race wins, and 88 podiums as of April 2021.

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