31 My70stv Alternatives For 2023

by Sachin

My70stv is a platform for people to easily watch some old classic TV shows from the 1970s in their comfort place. However, due to copyright issues, this site could not survive against law enforcement agencies, with plenty of alternatives emerging based on similar features that provide content to watch streaming shows.


Current Status of my70stv in 2023

With technological advancement, most people are more aware of online piracy and its consequences. This has caused a decrease in popularity for my70stv and other such websites as viewers switch over to safer options that offer legal content.

Best my70stv Alternatives for 2023



Destination Link: 70sflashback.com

This website offers a great selection of classic television shows from the 1970s to watch streaming online. It has an easy-to-use interface with minimal hassle and provides high-quality video streaming without ad interruption.



Destination Link: 70s-design.com

This website allows users to explore and reminisce about the design of the 70s with their collections of iconic pieces of clothing, furniture, cars, and more. It is an excellent resource for anyone interested in learning about this era.



Destination Link: 70s-icons.com

This website provides an array of digital icons from popular 1970s culture, including film posters, movie covers, advertisements, and magazine covers. All images are free to download for personal use.



Destination Link: seventiesology.com

This website is a vast library of photographs, interviews, and stories exploring this decade’s culture. It’s an excellent resource for anyone interested in life during the 70s.



Destination Link: 70sdatabase.com

This website is a comprehensive repository of information on every popular television show from the 1970s, including episode guides, reviews, and much more.



Destination Link: 70spopculture.com

This website can be used to explore the various popular media from this decade, including Music, Movies, TV Shows, and Fashion that shaped the culture of the 70s.



Destination Link: 70scelebrities.com

As its name suggests, this website provides a comprehensive guide on celebrities who made their mark during this decade. It provides biographies of well-known people from the past, along with their images.



Destination Link: retrodaze.org

This website is an excellent resource for anyone looking to explore more about classic movies, TV shows, and music from the 70s. It also includes games, books, and news stories about popular culture in the 70s.



Destination Link: the70sproject.com

This is an excellent resource for anybody interested in learning about the 70s with its comprehensive collection of articles, images, and videos related to this era.



Destination Link: 70snostalgia.com

Users can explore a range of popular media from the 1970s on this website, including Music, Movies, TV Shows, and more. It also includes interviews with some notable celebrities from that period.



Destination Link: backtothe70s.com

This website offers users a great collection of classic TV shows, movies, and music from the 1970s that can be watched or downloaded for free.



Destination Link: retro70s80s90s.com

Users can find collections of vintage media related to the 70’ss on this website, such as Movies, Music albums, and Classic TV shows, all in high resolution.



Destination Link: 70s.tv

This website offers a wide selection of classic movies and TV shows from the 70s in high-resolution format. It also has an app providing easy access to its content.



Destination Link: 70sgroove.com

As its name suggests, this website is entirely dedicated to bringing back the music of the 1970s with its’ unique blends and mixes that harken back to that era.



Destination Link: ilovethe70s.com

This website provides users with a nostalgic look at the culture of the 1970s, from Political Events to Music and Fashion Trends that gave this decade its unique identity.



Destination Link: 70sfashiontrends.com

This website is perfect for those who wish to stroll down memory lane, as it provides an array of fashion items, trends, and past designs.



Destination Link: 70salive.com

This website is dedicated to preserving the history and culture of this decade for current generations to witness, with curated collections related to Politics, Music, and Movies from that era.



Destination Link: my80stv.com

my80stv is an online streaming website that provides great access to classic TV shows from the 1980s and music hits. It has an easy-to-use interface with minimal hassle, providing exclusive content for users to watch free of cost or pay-per-viewing sessions.

The library includes a variety of genres like science fiction, action & adventure, comedy & satire, etc., along with some rare television series from this decade not available elsewhere.



Destination Link: my90stv.com

my90stv is a streaming service that brings the nostalgia of the 90s back to life with its wide selection of classic TV shows and feature films from this decade. It provides exclusive access to rare gems like The X-Files, Brady Bunch & more, as well as up-to-date news on current events related to entertainment in the nineties.

Besides providing great visuals for users’ viewing pleasure, it also offers online quizzes and polls related to pop culture from this era.



Destination Link: my60stv.com

my60stv is an online streaming platform offering some of the most memorable classic TV shows & movies from the sixties, along with music hits from that time. Its easy-to-use interface provides exclusive access to programs such as I Love Lucy, Doctor Who, The Addams Family, and more.

It also enables users to upload their content for others’ viewing pleasure or join online communities dedicated solely to the sixties culture.



Destination Link: retrojunk.com

RetroJunk is an excellent website for those looking to explore classic television programs, movies, and music from the past, as it provides access to content percentages sorted by genre, era & ratings.

It also includes features like photo albums & message boards specially designed for users’ convenience with its excellent user-friendly design and efficient navigation options throughout the site.



Destination Link: simplyeighties.com

SimplyEighties provides a wide selection of classic TV shows, movies, and music from the eighties, entirely free for users to stream online or download in various formats. It also has an active forum hand-picked by experts related to 80’s pop culture where users can debate & share their opinions on topics like fashion, literature, and music.



Destination Link: that70sshow.com

That70sShow is the official website of the television program with the same name, offering exclusive access to its content and other classics from this era. It gives viewers detailed episode guides, complete polls & contests related to events or drama in the show, and an exciting gaming zone dedicated to fans of The 70s Show.



Destination Link: 70s-tv.com

70stv is an online streaming service that provides classic television shows from the seventies with some rare programs not found elsewhere on pretty reasonable subscription rates compared to other providers due to engaging interactive features like discussion forums embedded into the website, making it ideal for entertainment.



Destination Link: 70schild.com

70sChild is a website devoted specifically to media from the seventies and early eighties, providing access to popular classics like The Brady Bunch, Perfect Strangers & more and unique interactive narrative games based on these shows that can be played online or downloaded in various formats.

It also has dedicated message boards where users can discuss nostalgic topics related to the TV culture of the period and its impact over time.



Destination Link: 70sfashion.org

70sFashion is a comprehensive database of classic apparel from this decade with its focus on both fashion trends and celebrities who made them famous in that era; it also features some special exhibitions dedicated to the same topics like ‘The Teddy Boy Look’ or ‘Punk Rock Fashionistas From London.’

It provides users with detailed information on every item exhibited & encourages conversation among fans through forums within the website and sharing photos online.



Destination Link: 70sradiohits.com

70sRadioHits is an online streaming website that offers users some of the popular radio hits from this decade categorized according to artist and genre for easy access. It has a clean interface without any pop-ups, banners, or commercials interrupting between songs, making it ideal for anyone looking to relive those golden days through music



Destination Link: retrowaste.com

RetroWaste is another great resource for classic media from the seventies, categorized according to genres like sitcoms, westerns & horror, along with premium content sorted by categories. It also offers rare television pilots and feature films from this period, making it a great resource for vintage TV shows & movies



Destination Link: 70smusic.net

70smusic is another great option for those looking to access popular music hits nostalgia from the seventies and modern reinterpretations of old classics in various formats like MP3 or WAV. All tracks are free of cost and feature a comfortable design that can be accessed from both desktop & mobile devices.



Destination Link: seventiesmusic.com

SeventiesMusic is an online streaming website that provides some great music hits categorized according to artist, genre, or year for easy access.

It also has carefully curated podcasts with exciting discussions related to the music of this era and several interactive games based on popular songs & artists, making it an ideal choice for those interested in reminiscing the culture through popular media of this decade.


My70stv may be illegal to use in many countries; however, multiple alternatives offer a better user experience with legal access to classic TV shows from the past. The websites mentioned above have been carefully selected based on their content offerings, user experience, and reliability.


Q1: Is my70stv legal?

My 70stv is illegal since it provides unauthorized access to copyrighted content.

Q2: Are there alternatives for my70stv?

Many of the websites mentioned above are great alternatives as they provide a safe and legal way to access classic TV shows from the 1970s.

Q3: What type of content can I find on 70sflashback.com?

70sflashback.com provides classic TV shows from the 1970s that can be streamed online.

Q4: How can I access retrodaze.org?

You can access retrodazze.org through their website and download their dedicated app for iOS and Android devices.

Q5: Can I find articles related to the 70s on seventiesology.com?

Yes, seventiesology.com is an extensive library of photographs, interviews, and stories about life in the 1970s.

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