Three new advertising formats to Google AdSense for advertisers

by Sachin

New advertising formats to Google AdSense: For companies and advertisers, Google has introduced three native forms of advertising in its advertising network. The Native ads in google are in-feed ads, in-Article-Ads and Matched content ads are designed for cross-platform and cross-page usage.

Although native advertising has long been in the advertising canon of most publishers an integral part, the definitions differ in part. However, there is consensus that it’s affecting ads that fit very well with the rest of the content of a page.

Google AdSense Native Ads

Now the search giant Google has a blog post  announced that for its own advertising network Google AdSense three new advertising formats to be rolled out. Two of them are any advertisers, without limitation, immediately available.

The Native Ads “were designed for to match the look and feel of your site and thus to present your visitors a better user experience,” writes a Google employee.

These are the three new ad formats to Google AdSense:

  • In-Feed Ads:

    These ads fit seamlessly with any form of feeds on your side. This can be a list of messages or an overview of product offerings. These displays are characterized by their high adaptability, says Google, and opens up new publishers advertising space.

In feed ads on google

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  • In-Article-Ads 

    Work like the in-feed ads with the difference that the ads are not placed in a feed, but between two paragraphs in an article. .In-article ads use high-quality advertising elements and offer a great reading experience to your visitors. Behind this is the principle of OUTSTREAM advertising.

  • Matched Content Ads:

    To use the Matched content ads within Google AdSense, publishers must interested a number of conditions be fulfilled.One of them is, for example, that the page has to run smoothly on any device. Anyone who meets the requirements to display ads within the recommendations below an article.

matched content ads in google

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To access the Native advertising formats, you need into your Google AdSense account login , click “My Ads” in              the left navigation bar, and then add a new ad unit.

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