New Insights for Instagram Stories -Clicks, dropouts and more:

by Sachin

The analysis options for Instagram stories were so far hardly pronounced.Now the images network responds to the massive use and presents new figures. These are the new Instagram Insights for stories.

It was probably one of the most skillful maneuvers of Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom at all – to copy the Snapchat trademark stories.

Just over a year later speaks hardly anyone about Snapchat Stories in marketing and media. With 250 million daily users Instagram Stories have long since taken over the top position.

New Instagram Insights make stories more attractive

For companies storytelling format is exciting. There are companies with some interesting tools on hand that can make communication between employees and consumers new.

Only to the evaluation options lacked the Instagram Stories so far a little. Except for the number of views (how often contribute a story was seen?) Was an in-depth analysis hardly possible. Well, it turns the images network producers of stories some new Instagram Insights available.And who knows how to Hashtag- and location tags used properly, can quickly build a large range without much effort.

These are the new metrics:

  • Impressions: How many times your post was seen.
  • Spectators: The number of people who have seen your story. The number of spectators will be lower than the number of impressions, because it can happen that some people have seen your posts more than once.
  • Open time Link: So often viewers clicked on links that you have registered.
  • Answer: The number of responses that you have received to your photo / video.
  • Wipe: The number of people who have signed your contribution before the end / ended.

In addition, shows you Instagram at the end of the new statistical overview of times on stickers (location, hashtag, etc.) and links (via @) was clicked.

With the new information, it is much easier to evaluate Instagram stories. Only an addition to the number of screenshots made – a Snapchat feature the first hour – would be interesting for publishers.

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