Outlander Update Coming after Chengdu Major

by Sachin

Dota 2 community has been growing impatient with Valve’s refusal to reveal more information about the upcoming Outlanders update. As one of the largest such moves, community has been understandably concerned to find out what measures were planned for the game. And while we finally have some information about that patch itself, it was through a developer’s comment on Reddit that the news was delivered.

Not the way you want to inform yourself about anything really. Well, with this said the patch will be coming after the Chengdu Major, which is understandable. Valve do not want to upset the meta in an overwhelming way that would completely tilt the balance – or worse yet, would give some teams an unreciprocated advantage. 

Of course, Valve hasn’t exactly shied away from making big announcements at pivotal moments. For instance, the company introduced two new heroes during The International 2019, but didn’t immediately allow them to be played. 

Betting on the Upcoming Patch

Then again, the bigger question since that time has been – where are the rest of the updates? Valve promised Outlanders but has kept quiet. Some esports sites even started accepting Dota 2 bet on when the next update will be.

Well, while some focused on guessing the date of the release, others preferred to visit only the best Dota 2 betting site and bet on the Minor and Major events throughout the new season.

November is definitely going to be packed with a lot of Dota action and make no mistake – your esports bookies don’t just care about the big events. There are loads of semi-amateur leagues, qualifiers and more that is being organized to help you stay on top of your game. Dota 2 has a very vibrant community, which in turn has offered many esports websites to offer bets almost 24/7.

A Vibrant Title Nevertheless

In a word, despite a somewhat falling player base, Dota 2 is still a vibrant title and it’s unlikely to go anywhere any time soon. The world’s competitive scene is populated by talented – albeit aging – giants. Even Dendi – the absolute gamer legend is still around, although he isn’t winning as much these games.

What matters to most players, though, is not when 7.23 will be finally released. Rather, fans want to feel the connection with the community, developers, and their favorite games. Nobody really cares about the update as much as they care about the attitude. Valve should listen.

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