Pinterest using image recognition and AI for better advertising

by Sachin

The artificial intelligence of options can already identify more than one billion content on images. the images network now uses this technology to play off matching ads with image recognition to Pin.

Each month, look for the users of the content platform options are two billion different terms. At least 250 million times using the Pinner image search to search for similar products and new inspirations.

For options, it is essential to know from an economic point of view, what can be seen in a photograph. If successful, the network can play via image recognition matching search results to its users and so the satisfaction and customer experience of users increase step by step.

Better advertising through image recognition

Therefore Pinterest has invested a lot of time developing an artificial intelligence that is dedicated to the recognition and identification of objects in images. Meanwhile, the self-learning machine can recognize content over a billion and thus personalize the search results without human help.

pinterest uses AI recognization for advertsing

Image source : 9to5mac

Of course not only benefit the Pinner of a better image recognition, but also behind it network itself. Finally, options can use its technology for this to play out its users in the search results even more relevant ads.

“We can identify an object as rectangular, modern dining table in the middle of the last century and to see more like” Share Leaders Umesh Unnikrishnan explained in a blog post .

In other words, this statement means nothing but: We know what you are looking for and why you play advertising, which might be interested.

More coverage for Advertisers

Basically, the idea is to play off ads not bad based on image content. Unlike advertising lotteries based on text analysis can rarely lead to misunderstandings here. From a user perspective might actually often propagated target of advertising that is tailored to personal interests, become a reality.

For advertisers Pinterest has also announced the good news that their advertised content no longer appear only in the ideas, but also in the “more like this”, which will be played under a pin. Thus, the visibility of advertising increased significantly within the platform.

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