Players And Scammers – A Guide To Safe Online Gambling

by Sachin

Online gambling is supposed to be fun, right? But, not everyone that’s out there is always willing to let you have a good time playing online.

Just like offline gaming, we know that owners are looking to turn a profit. However, they should try to do that in a way that is entertaining, interactive, transparent and above all safe. 


Online casinos can sound like they are all about fun and games, but they can be potentially harmful if players ignore a few important factors. With so many choices and new online slots out there, picking one can be difficult. Although the game is virtual, we still provide personal data and information and carry out financial transactions that can put our bank account at risk. It’s crucial for the player to be able to trust the casino that he is playing at.  

That’s why you have to be familiar with the so-called casino whitelist, must-read info about the necessary data encryption qualities and policies if you are willing to start gambling online. This can help you to stick to the operations and moves that can be trusted while avoiding those that have proven to cheat players out of their money. 

What does this whitelist contain that makes or breaks any online casino game? Simple – security, licensing and encryption. We’ve provided a few things to keep in mind just to help you identify a reliable and trusted online casino before you entrust them with your personal data and money. 

Various choice of payment methods 

There are many ways a casino account can be funded, and most of them are problem-free. When it comes to the required data fields, hacking and theft of personal and banking info are also one of the biggest concerns to the players when a transaction is made. The most obvious and popular funding method is using your debit or credit card. However, for funding a live casino account there are many other methods that are quicker, easier and more secure. A trusted online casino should have multiple payment methods such as bank transfer, Bitcoin, e-wallets like Skrill and prepaid cards like Pockit. This is a good sign that you are on the safe side. 

Data Encryption Method

The process of encryption is like gossiping but in codes. This works in a way that the personal information you provided, is coded in a way that it is completely inaccessible by third party channels. Have no doubt that you are all settled since these complex operations are used by international banks. The professionals always try and do best to protect their customers with a secure betting system so they can enjoy playing without worrying about their privacy and data protection. However,  always check the security policies before engaging in any activity, especially if it involves submitting your personal/banking data. 


The importance of licensing 

In order to legally provide gaming services associated with betting, bingo, and poker, an operator should obtain a license. The license also gives players confidence that an online casino is a legitimate business and will only deal with fair gameplay. Online casinos go through all the trouble and strict audit reviews just to make sure they have the badge, that says they are doing business in a legal manner.  It is a way of differentiating themselves from hundreds of other operators that aren’t licensed. 

In this industry, there are many licenses that a platform can apply for. The general consensus is that the UK Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authorities are the strictest when it comes to gambling.  There are certain countries where online gambling is banned and others where there is no clear and transparent law about online gaming. So, the responsibility falls back on the players to ensure if they play on a credible site, a job otherwise provided by a licensing authority. 

In the end, the safety features of an online casino provide a non-toxic, relaxed and confident playground for the players to wager on their favorite games. The potential big win might sound attractive, but the perfect safety system is what you should base your decision on when choosing whether to register with a casino. Before you wager on an online casino game, make sure to inquire if the games offered on-site are certified and fair. 

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