Rising to Facebook Stardom: How to Be Popular on Facebook

by Sachin

Many people wish to be famous on Facebook since this social media platform has a lot of active users. Thus, reaching out to many potential followers is relatively easy.

How to Become Popular on Facebook

However, gaining popularity should not be limited to having many friends and likes. People should be able to recognize you to sustain your popularity.

Here are some ways to be popular on Facebook

1.  Take some time to tailor your profile

To become popular on Facebook, you should start with the basic. You begin with updating your profile.

You must complete all the necessary information and upload eye-catching photos. For your profile photo, it will be better to choose a solo picture of yourself instead of a group. By doing this, you can get all the attention from the users.
Your profile gives the first impression, so it can do a lot in making you Facebook famous.

2.  Communicate

If you want a fanbase, you need to know how to communicate well with people you are not familiar with. You can create various topics or polls on your fan page and discuss them with your followers.

You can share your insights and interesting information about the topic. Being amusing is also a big advantage to expand your fanbase on Facebook. In addition, you ought to be consistent in doing it, or else, it will be difficult to obtain new followers.

3.  Take part in popular Facebook groups

Once you see that your popularity is slowly increasing, you can learn about and join Facebook groups that are related to your interest. Your main goal for this is to expose yourself to these groups through sharing your ideas. As a result, more people will take notice of you. That is why it is important that you choose the groups you are interested and familiar with.

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4. Expand your network

If your profile is all set, you can add new friends. You can start looking for people from people you may know a section of Facebook. They are connected to the people you personally know, so they will most likely click add friend when they see your connection. You should remember not to overdo this since you might be considered a spammer.

5. Create a campaign

As you slowly gain fame on Facebook, you need to amp up your social media approach. You have to strategize what posts can gain more shares and likes. If your profile is linked to this kind of posts, people will recognize and remember you.

6. Turn the campaign plan into reality

You should not waste time in putting your plans into action. Whatever strategy you have, you should share it since you will not know its effectiveness without trying. It is advisable to post early in the morning or evening since most people are not at work or school during these times.

7. Record your profile’s performance

When you post on Facebook, you should check if your posts are engaging enough. If you do this, you can avoid the same mistake and make the necessary improvements in posting.

8. Be more careful in posting once you start gaining more followers

Since more eyes are on you on Facebook, you should be warier of whatever you post. You should be cautious with the opinions you give. Moreover, you should not seem conceited because you will surely turn off your current and new followers.

 9. Share everything interesting

Viral videos and photos are viral for a reason. Thus, you should take advantage of these by sharing them. It also shows you are up-to-date with the trends online.

 You will gain the fame you want on Facebook if you know the things you ought to do. You just need to put time and effort and follow the guidelines given to achieve this in no time.

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