Dangerous Rampant virus is spreading through the Facebook Messenger

by Sachin

Currently rampant virus in Facebook Messenger, in addition to the theft of passwords and other data partially can even encrypt hard disk contents. It is particularly dangerous that the malware masquerades as a normal message of contacts.

Who of Facebook contacts will receive a link to a video should be careful: It is possible that this is not a true message, but a virus that spreads through the Facebook Messenger , as among other Network World reported. In addition to the link the message contains only the addressee’s name and a smiley. However, the real danger begins only after clicking on the link.

After the video link is clicked, the driven side prompts the user to install extra software that is supposedly needed for playback. In truth, however, the user loads so that downloads the malware. Which can cause considerable damage: As the New Zealand NGO Netsafe reported, the virus collects passwords and other data of the user. Another currently used version is even able to encrypt the contents of the device memory and thus exclude the user from their own data.

In addition, the virus spreads further developed to automatically forwards from infected machines to all contacts as a message. Users who mistakenly downloaded the malware should undergo the complete system a virus scan. After that, it is recommended to change all passwords. Who has just received the video link, but not clicked on it, but is expected to be safe. However, he should then inform the contacts that he has received the message about the virus and the associated dangers.

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