Reasons Why Businesses Need To Hire SEO Agency From Singapore

by Sachin

A large number of businesses in Singapore are selling their products online, since people find it convenient to order online. A business website can also be a very cost effective source of leads for service providers. While pay per click (PPC) advertising can help generate some leads and orders, it is very expensive since the advertiser has to pay for every visitor. Search engine optimization (SEO) is considered a more cost effective way for an online business to generate leads and orders. Most businesses are hiring a specialized SEO agency for SEO of their website and some reasons why you need to hire an SEO agency from Singapore are discussed below.

Cost effective

One of the main reasons why businesses invest a large amount of money in SEO is because the business will get free visitors from search engines, if the business website ranks on the first page of the search engine results page (SERP) after the SEO work is done. It is observed that typically three fourth of the internet users are only visiting websites, which rank on the first page of the search results. So the business does not have to pay for each visitor, and the conversion rate for the visitors will also be higher since they are actually searching for the service or product which the business is selling.

Lack of resources

Most businesses are selling a product or service which is not related to the internet in any way at all. So they do not have staff who understands how search engines work, their algorithms, to do the work in-house. It also not cost effective to have a full time employee for SEO work for the business website, since changes are only required periodically. If the SEO work is done in-house without proper automated software tools, all the checking will have to be done manually which will take a lot of time. The software tools are expensive, so it is not worth investing in them only for SEO of a single website.

In contrast the SEO agency is doing SEO work for a large number of businesses, so they have developed the best method to improve the ranking of the business website, to improve the ranking. The search engines are constantly upgrading their algorithms to provide better quality search results, and the SEO agency has the staff who are monitoring the changes in the algorithm to make the necessary SEO changes. Checking the website ranking periodically for each keyword manually is time consuming, so most SEO agencies have thelatest software tools which will do the checking automatically to find out if there is any improvement in the ranking. These tools will often also generate reports which can be used for analysis and formulating the SEO strategy.

Long term

Though it will usually take a few months for the search engine rankings for the business website to improve after SEO work is done, typically the business website will usually retain the improved ranking for longer periods, often one year or more. The SEO agencies will usually charge a nominal maintenance fee after the initial SEO work is done, so the business is effectively getting a large number of leads/orders without any additional cost.

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