Remote Team Challenges And Solutions To Deal With

by Sachin

Managing remote employees can be a daunting task. Though there are many benefits of building a distributed team but when it comes to managing not every organisation has this capability. Since more and more organisations are accepting remote workers, it is becoming a challenging task. Various contributing factors are responsible for hiring remotely by choice. 

Before knowing the solutions of how to deal with remote teams, let’s focus on what are the challenges.

Lack  Of Communication

When it comes to remote workers, information delivery is never appropriate as you as a manager can forget to deliver the piece of essential information to the person sitting remotely. And it’s not at all surprising because the office is a lot more than information equality. There are other necessary tasks that need to be followed up to meet the desired goals. To maintain 2-way communication, it is a must to use communication tool to avoid last minute hassles. While working remotely on a whiteboard real-time communication helps avoid confusions and delays.  

Tracking Work Accomplishments

Can you maintain a list of work accomplishments every day for each of your employees? Obviously not. With the evolution of technology, this task can be taken care of with total ease. Using online whiteboard in realtime will help you easily track the work record as each employee can share and upgrade the work progress. 

Managing Different Time Zones

Not every employee sits in the same country while working on the same projects and staying up late at night just to attend calls or meetings sounds illogical. To avoid the never-ending game of catching up, plan ahead of time zones so that every team member can turn up at the time of the call to discuss the progress and goals of the collaborative project.

Solution Is To Bring Technology By Your Side

Many people take advantage of sitting overseas and not having to follow a work schedule. Just like 9 to 5 job, if remote employees fix the work hours despite flexible timing, no roadblock in the performance of the organisation can ever occur. To keep things running smoothly, it is a must to follow a routine for efficient productivity. 

With the help of technology, you can treat remote employees as if they’re located in the same office as your by using a simple online whiteboard to depict ongoing tasks, upcoming and completed tasks. There are multiple online collaboration tools that offer flexibility without compromising on productivity. 

Here are some of the undeniable benefits that showcase how online collaboration tools can help employees despite the great physical distance from each other.  

Give Access As Much As Possible

Online whiteboards allow employees to collaborate regardless of any geographic location. It will enable people to interact and discuss the needful. It even helps in maintaining the constant line of communication hence avoiding delays and confusions.

Acts As A Face To Face Communication Medium

Gone are the days when you were dependent on mobile phones to make calls to know the status and progress of the project handled by an overseas employee. With interactive collaboration tools like online whiteboards, you can hold meetings, team sessions and presentations in real-time. 

Everyone Can Be On The Same Page

Since information is shared through a single platform, every employee can access and share the work completion status and discuss innovative ideas for the best outcomes. Most importantly, anyone with even the most basic knowledge of online tools can easily use an online whiteboard.

Lesser Overhead Cost

Whether you are an entrepreneur or working in a large corporate office, you need to deliver the information to your employee sitting overseas. Lesser number of employees working in an organisation means less seating arrangement. What actually matters is to accomplish the goal which is easily achievable with online whiteboards as you don’t need any office supplies and other office expenses for the person sitting overseas. 

Using revolutionary technology tools like online whiteboards can help in achieving the outcome more efficiently as it does not have any borders. Communication and collaborations are the prime steps in governing the efficient working of the organisation and tools like online whiteboards serve both the purposes well. Bring this technology to your workplace and see how drastically things change for the better.

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