The future of search engines,with chatbot and Artificial intelligence

by Sachin

future of search engines with artificial intelligence

Today, when someone wants to look for something on the internet, most of the users performs the same action: Quit the program that they were using on the computer, open the browser or application for a search engine, type inside the keywords, evaluates the results.

Within short, all these steps will be a thing of the past, because search engines will increasingly converge with all the software we use, making research an integral part of any action online.

Not only that, most of the text chatbot uses search engines to find what users are asking; as well as make virtual assistants like Siri and Alexa. These features allow you to guess what will be the evolution of online research:

“Already today, less and less people search for on the internet in the traditional way, while they are growing at great speed searches done using only your voice”. A fact confirmed by a ‘ ComScore analysis , according to which by 2020 as much as 50{e7d47c856744df2248f2195fd30fbdddbceff01679799ef4d661e6a47ab6faaa} of all searches will be vocal (Voice searches).

“This will happen due to the rapid growth of Internet of Things“. “The most classic example is Amazon’s Alexa; but in general, in a few years, the majority of users do not even use the screen to use the internet and search; the devices will always be ready to hear what we are asking them.”

Two factors that will become increasingly important are the accuracy in understanding the words and second is the use of artificial intelligence to ensure that search engines and virtual assistants succeed in the most difficult challenge: to understand the context of what we are saying . Keeping in mind all this, opting for an artificial intelligence course in Bangalore can really help you with your career in the IT sector.

As for the understanding of the words, now the levels of precision are impressive: the system of speech recognition Microsoft has achieved 94.9{e7d47c856744df2248f2195fd30fbdddbceff01679799ef4d661e6a47ab6faaa} accuracy, Google has stated that it has obtained almost identical results, while IBM takes place shortly , with an accuracy equal to 94.5{e7d47c856744df2248f2195fd30fbdddbceff01679799ef4d661e6a47ab6faaa}.

The understanding of the context,is the key element which is always the same: the assistants have to learn day after day who is using them. “It is important that, in privacy, know the story of the consumer, the place where is located, the device you’re using, and more.

All fundamental data is to understand exactly what the user is intending when he made a specific request.

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