Snapchat:Upload pictures from gallery or camera roll on iOS and Android

by Sachin

Snapchat is a social networking app introduced in 2011 by Snap Inc. Now Snapchat is one of the most widely used social networking app targeted to Android and iOS mobile devices. According to Digital Marketing Ramblings (DMR), Snapchat has 158 million active users across the globe and this number is increasing every day.

Because of it Originality and momentary function of sharing your moments in pictures with your friends or record a short video of what you’re doing, many young adults and teenagers, love Snapchat.

Though Many other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram allow posting pictures that are taken before and stored in the mobile device. The only feature that makes the Snapchat different from other social apps is that it allows uploading the first-hand photos made with the Snapchat camera.

Even though there are many filters and editing tools (Emojis and lenses) available on Snapchat, the snaps and videos that you see are original and never shared before. Though Some people find this feature as more innovative, some people would love to upload pictures to Snapchat from gallery which are taken before.

Understanding all the complaints seriously Snapchat’s team provided a possibility to upload pictures and videos from the camera roll. If you don’t know how to upload a photo to snapchat, We are here to teach you how to upload pictures to Snapchat from gallery– more specifically, from your camera roll.

How to upload pictures from the gallery to Snapchat

Before uploading pictures from the gallery to Snapchat  be aware of using third-party apps. If you use third party apps, Snapchat may lock your account until unless the third-party app is removed from your phone. This is clearly mentioned on snapchat’s official website.

Method 1:
  1. Open the Snapchat. In it you will see two round icons at the bottom of the screen – one to capture Snaps and another to the Memories. Touch the smaller icon.

upload images to snapchat camera roll

  1. Now slide your finger to the left to open the camera roll of the Snaps section. You will see photos and videos listed. Simply touch the selection icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

upload pictures to snapchat camera roll

  1. Finally, touch the photos and videos you want to include in Snapchat. If you’re using iOS, you’ll need to save them first. If your smartphone is Android, just touch the upload button directly.
  2. To save the video, touch the share icon next to the trash icon. Then go to the option to save the video.
    After that, just upload by touching the submit button. You can post the video in your Stories or forward it to friends.

snapchat upload from gallery

Of course, every time we upload a picture from the gallery to snapchat “Memories” this will be marked with a white box and with the original date, so it will not be the same as any other snap.

Method 2:

The Second method to upload pictures from your phone gallery to your snapchat is. Simply go to Snapchat. Select the person who you want to send the picture to. And Now swipe the screen towards the right.

Now you will see an option to upload a photo or record a video. Tap on the upload icon. Then you will be taken to camera roll or gallery. Select the picture and hit the send button.

Snapchat upload from gallery to camera roll on iOS and android

1) Upload pictures from gallery to Snapchat On Android devices

As I mentioned earlier Snapchat stories are used mostly for unique photos and videos that you take from your phone. It really looks too bad to upload old pictures from the gallery. But according to many people Interest and concern there is a possibility to upload photos and videos to snapchat stories from your gallery by using some third-party apps.

Step 1: Go to and download the casper apk file and Install it.

Firstly give permission to install app from unknown sources in your Android settings. Go to Settings > Security > Device Administration > Unknown Sources.

Step 2: Now log out your Snapchat account in-order to use casper app.

Step 3:  Now Open the casper app and login with your Snapchat account details. The interface of casper app also looks similar to snapchat except the camera screen.

Step 4: Now upload a photo or video from your gallery with necessary facial effects and photo edits. You can even add texts and emojis just like in Snapchat.

Step 5: Now you can upload your edited photo as snapchat story. You can even send the picture as a snap to your friends.

Step 6: Now log out from casper app and log back to snapchat to see your snapchat story.

Today Casper Apk is one of the most popular APK among the teenagers who are fed up with the limitation of the Snapchat App.

Features of Casper Apk

1. Saving Snaps without knowing the Sender

Saving images of other users, without letting them know.  Friends or relatives who send messages can’t even know that their snaps are being saved at your end.

2. Forward interesting stories with your snapchat friends  

Casper app lets you to share some interesting stories to other Snapchat users without saving the pictures on your phone.

3. Adding Filters and stickers to Snaps 

It is easy to customize your pictures by adding various filters for a professional look. You can also add your feeling with Emojis.

2) Upload pictures from gallery to Snapchat On iOS devices

Firstly uninstall the snapchat app from your ios device which you installed from apple playstore.

Step 1: Now download Phantom Snapchat APK for iOS to your computer from here.

Step 2: After installing Phantom Snapchat APK file on your computer. Now sideload APK file to your iOS device from the computer.

Step 3: Once you are done with installing Phantom APK file to your iOS device then it will appear on your home screen.

Step 4: To complete the installation setup, You should navigate Settings -> General -> Profiles and trust the profile of the application before launching it.

Step 5: Now you have successfully installed phantom. Enjoy with Phantom for Snapchat.

Installing Phantom can give you additional features which are not available in traditional Snapchat application.

Features of Phantom

  • It keeps Snaps in the snapchat Feed and mark them as read whenever you see it
  • It allows you to select multiple contacts at a time.
  • You can also disable the app (in app Settings)
  • Ability to automatically save sent media files
  • Ability to enable “Open in” for Snapchat
  • Option to disable the hold gesture to keep snaps open
  • You can directly Upload received media files to snapchat stories
  • Can add filters and facial photo effects

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