Snoopza – Cell Phone Spy App For Android

by Sachin

Snoopza – a very efficient cell phone spy app for Android. Snoopza helps to keep tabs on your business employees, family, and relatives by tracking their activities and monitoring their text messages, locations, calls, browsing history etc.

There are many reasons you need to keep tabs on people and there are a certain set of people you can keep tabs on in order not to break any government law. As an employer, you need to know how your employees are spending their working hours, are they wasting it away on social media or playing games while pretending to be busy with their duty? As a responsible parent, you need to know where your kids are when they should be at school, who they have been chatting with, their new interest on the internet etc. Most of the times, what lead a person to start tracking other people is curiosity and suspicions, especially parents. Accusing someone of something not yet confirmed can result in distrust if the suspicion later turns out to be false, at the same time you might be right about the suspicion, but that is a big risk to take, you don’t want that person you really care about to start hating you.

How do I start using Snoopza?

Snoopza is very easy to use, just follow this simple steps and you are good to go;

  1. You can try Snoopza by going to on your web browser and clicking on the “New Account” button, doing this will display a signup form where you will provide your email and a password; these are your login credentials so keep them in a safe place.
  2. Log in with your login credentials and download the app to the target’s device from your online account.
  3. Start tracking targeted device from your online account dashboard.

This is how easy it is to install and use Snoopza spy app, now let us check out the features that make Snoopza outstanding.

Snoopza presents to you a way to confirm your suspicion and satisfy your curiosity, a way to discreetly keep track of people in your life and business, a way to have rest of mind that everyone is doing what they are supposed to do. Below are features of Snoopza spy app that are useful for your tracking job:

  • Track calls

get all information on the outgoing, received and missed calls on the targeted device, as well as the recording of the actual call.

  • Manage SMS

a copy of all texts sent and received from the device will be kept for you to be seen at your convenience.

  • Social media monitoring

all activities on the social media accounts of the targeted device are well monitored; Facebook, Whatsapp, Viber, Snapchat are few of apps that Snoopza has got covered.

  • Snapshot

have a glance at what the targeted device is being used for by receiving a screenshot of the device’s display at a pre-set time interval.

  • Check contacts

you will have access to all contacts on the targeted device; existing contacts and the new ones as they are added.

  • Detect SIM replacement

even an attempt to switch the SIM cards on the targeted device will be detected and you will be notified immediately.

  • Track Camera

each time the targeted device is unlocked, the tracker distantly takes a photo and upload it to your Snoopza account.

  • Internet History

all browsing history and the time of the visit are well logged and presented in a very clear and simple manner.

  • Location tracker

Snoopza makes it very easy to track cellphone locations with real-time GPS data, get the exact location of the tracked device on a flat detailed map from your Snoopza account.You can also get the history of where the device has been.

  • Stealth Mode

your tracking job is best done when it is undetected and that is exactly what Snoopza was designed for; to work completely undetected.

Snoopza is all you need to track any cell phone worldwide; with all these amazing features that make it work efficiently and completely undetected, you have all the needed resources to keep track of everyone you need to keep track on. Then without speculations or assumptions, you have a rest of mind that everything is going the way it is supposed to.

Snoopza Keylogger for Android is another great tool that can help you check on children, staff members or other people. It records every keystroke of the targeted device and arranges them nicely in a log file. This way you only have to log in to your Snoopza account and see all keys pressed on the device and the time they were pressed.

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