FlapIt – Social media counter for effective content marketing

by Sachin

You know this fall leaf display in lobbies in airports? FlapIt has built a social media counter with this technique, which is to enhance the customer interaction with their own company or motivation in the office. We tested FlapIt.

How do you do as a company from a customer a fan, follower or subscriber in the social networks in order to constantly interact with him or to get a positive assessment of him? QR codes can be seen now and then, or simple “Like us on Facebook” banner. Really a big hit is not, and is likely to have quite a low conversion rate.

FlapIt: From customer to making fans

The FlapIt counter promises a higher chance to interact with customers. It is a playful approach to deal with them at the box office or while waiting times and still be themselves benefit from it. The idea is actually quite simple, we take a cafe as an example: At the counter is the FlapIt counter, which is connected to the wireless network of cafes and accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Yelp and Swarm.

The fall leaf display changes in a specified by the operator rhythm between the displays of these networks and then displays each to:

If the customer is curious not automatic and tried what happens when a favorite with the display, you can do it easily point out and motivate him to leave his favorite – with direct and physical feedback. It will look something like this .

Social media Counter: Quick setup

In the test that works wonderfully. Every now and then the Counter focuses at the Facebook Likes, which is due out loud FlapIt to changes in Facebook, which are currently being implemented by the in-house developers. The furnishings in the backend is simple as long as you do not mobile or Mac attempts Safari. First you have to create an account and join the FlapIt counter to the WLAN.

Then you can add the networks that the desired values (eg, you can display a single post on Facebook Likes and / or assessments and / or Likes) or select a custom message leave (up to seven digits). The rhythm plays should not be set too fast, because the counter actually reached a certain volume, which can also annoy quickly at high frequency in the office or shop. We have only our test Twitter and Facebook set so as not to overdo it.

11 networks and API

In addition, you can still Yelp, Instagram, YouTube, Dianping, Zomato, Foursquare Swarm and select TripAdvisor, depending on where you want to push his fan base or reviews. There is also an API interface and the ability to play as Google analytics data – which has also run smoothly in our test. For companies with a decrease of several FlapIt counters, the manufacturer offers to personalize the counter with the company logo.

And here we are already talking about the price. 359 EUR calls on FlapIt for its 58 x 12.5 x 12.5 cm . Steep, but of course match the target audience. FlapIt not speak up, the owner of, but rather large corporations or small businesses.

Conclusion: Successful implementation

The FlapIt counter might be a good alternative for stale QR codes or desolate “Like us” sticker at checkout. It combines business  and makes interacting so at least more attractive for the customer. Especially for companies with their own shop certainly a great idea for the cash, Tresen- or window area. But also for the office, it can be motivating for employees when they get direct positive feedback on their work.


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