Technological Advancement in the Gambling Industry

by Sachin

The gambling industry has gone a long way in the last 20 years. Today, we can place bets on our phones, which is something that we never thought we could do. The gambling industry is one of the driving forces of digital technology, along with computer games. 

As you play free slots no download by Slotozilla, you may be wondering how far we are now from how gambling used to be. Today, we will share the best technologies ever introduced in the last 20 years. 


People thought that bitcoin was just a fad. When it was first released in 2009, many thought that it was not going to take off. Many people even claimed that it was a hoax. 

But by 2017, each bitcoin was worth $19,783, and the whole market was worth billions of dollars. Today, cryptocurrency is one of the best things where you can invest your money, albeit the risk is also a lot more volatile than the usual forms of investments. 

It is bitcoin that spawned various cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, and many more. Over a long period of time, financial institutions and online casinos began to realize that cryptocurrency is going to stay. Even merchants now accept bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. 

Today, you can use cryptocurrency in casinos. The thing is that the cryptocurrency has to be converted into fiat or cash. It is rare to find casinos that allow you to bet and withdraw cryptocurrency, but they do exist.

Facial Recognition

There was a time when facial technology only happened in movies. It was deemed impossible. Today, almost all mobile devices offer this as an extra layer of security. This technology is truly ground-breaking, and it is now a lot more difficult to hack a phone or device. 

Since the gambling industry is prone to criminal activities, facial technology is a highly welcomed feature in gambling apps. Online gambling facilities and accounts are targets for criminal activities, and the last thing that a casino operator wants is to be liable for a security breach. 

Today, the presence of facial recognition deters hackers and other cybercriminals from targeting players and online casinos. With facial recognition, a criminal would need the face of the user before he can gain access to the user’s profile.

While the technology is young, we can expect that computers will become smarter in detecting a true face ad separate that from a “copy” or an image.

Encryption Technology

Now that security has advanced more than ever, it is nearly impossible for hackers to gain access to any online application. All this is because of encryption and Secure Socket Layer. 

Encryption is the process of jumbling information. This information is sent to the recipient, and only the recipient has the key to “unjumble” the data. Even if the hacker successfully intercepts the data, he cannot read it because he does not have an encryption key.

Secure Socket Layer is a certificate that website operators use. You cannot get this certificate unless you can prove that you are a real human being or a business entity. 

Today, all casinos use at least a 128-bit encryption, and they also use SSL. You can also immediately see if the website is secure if there is a padlock icon to the left of the website’s URL. If the website URL is HTTP, then it is not secure. It must be HTTPS.

Virtual Reality

While this is still in the works, we all know that Virtual Reality or VR is already existing technology. The reason you see few games is that developers are still working on the games for the tech.

In the gambling industry, game developers like NetEnt are at the forefront of VR. NetEnt is working on a title called Jack and the Beanstalk for VR release. It is a slot machine that was already released in 3D. 

The future of VR is for casinos to create an open world where the players can “walk” inside the casino and look for games. As they do, they will see slot machines, which they can “approach” and then play. 


There are more technologies to come, and we are assured that the casino industry will be spearheading developments as new technologies get released for commercial use. For now, we should be thankful for the current situation of the gambling industry—it is easier than ever before to place bets on your mobile device, no matter what kind of game you are looking for. 


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