Technologies Behind The Online Games Of Today

by Sachin

Whenever someone plays online slot games, the core technologies behind them are not what they’d normally be thinking about. However, it can’t be denied that technology plays a central role in the constantly evolving online gambling industry of today, especially the way it has made online slots far more popular and exciting than

When you’re playing popular online slots, especially the top-quality kinds offered at Microgaming casinos, you might wonder how they are able to provide such fairness and randomness in their spins. Below we will acquaint you with some of the elements that make this possible, as well as the prominent technologies which are behind these new-age games.

Animations and graphics

Animations and graphics are the first things that you notice when you start an online slot game. They instantly give the impression of being crisp, cartoonish, dazzling, fun, or plain boring. The slot titles offered these days are developed using all kinds of digital animation techniques and art tools. Seasoned graphic designers create model images, videos, and features that come alive on the screens. The gaming experience can get even better if you play these games on top-rated gaming machines. The online slot developers of today can create some amazing slot titles using the latest software applications and multiple programming languages like HTML, Twine, Unity, etc.


Once the animations and graphics are in place, the programmer steps in and gives everything the shape of an attractive gaming product. Talking about the programming aspect of these games, it’s very important to mention the Random Number Generator (RNG). It is, in fact, the most critical part of online slots. A Random Number Generator is a software that makes sure that these slot games stay fair and generate random results with every spin. While it used to be extremely difficult to win money at online slots at one time, nowadays you can indulge in progressive slot titles that can deliver life-transforming sums pretty frequently.


Some of the commonly employed programming languages for the development of online slot games are Java, HTML, and CSS. HTML 5 has been gaining huge popularity of late as it enables the creation of games not requiring any add-ons. These games also get loaded fairly quickly and easily compared to the ones developed in other languages. Whatmore, studying these modern-day games can also help you learn a lot of UX tips which can come in handy while designing other software.


The security aspect in online slots comprises multiple things – randomness of the spins, the security of data stored at online portals and overall fairness of play. As explained above, RNG ensures the fairness aspect of these games. The data safety, on the other hand, is ensured with the help of 128 bit SSL technology these days.

Multiplayer functionality

Equipping the online slots with multiplayer functionality brings a whole new dimension to these games. Today, you can play your favorite online slots against your friends. Not just that, you can enter into virtual rooms where 5 to 6 people can play together and spin the reels alternatively.



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