Technology Features That Improve The Safety Of Your Car

by Sachin

Impressive technology is already here with us. Giant auto companies are spending sleepless nights looking for ways to integrate better technologies in their vehicles as a way of differentiating their brands. Most of these features have the purpose of safety although others improve comfort and convenience. If you are looking forward to buying a new car for personal use or to add to your fleet, safety should be the number one priority. Here are some of the best safety features that are trending today.

Automatic Braking System (AEB)

Some vehicle manufacturers also call it the autonomous braking system. Although most drivers are usually careful on the road, you never know when the mind will wander away from the road. However, some vehicles from brands like BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Rolls Royce now come equipped with sensors that detect objects that are in the way and automatically stop if they get too close. The drivers may not even realize how fast this has just happened or that it has saved their lives.

Lane Departure Warning

It is common for vehicles to depart from their lanes as they cruise down the highway. This is a major cause of accidents on the road because one can hit other vehicles from the side. Fleet drivers who are always on the road are more vulnerable to this kind of accident. But the lane departure warning sensors will always remind you to focus on your lane and avoid problems with other motorists.

GPS Tracking System

Tracking your car in real time, whether it is for private use or fleet use, is very crucial. These tracking systems are now easy to install and maintain. As a safety measure, the vehicle can be tracked by the police in case of any carjacking or other problem. Therefore, be sure to visit reputable fleet solutions providers like Eyeride and to select your devices from the many that they offer for your fleet of vehicles.

Parking Assist

Keeping your car and that of others safe during the parking process is very important. Research reveals that many accidents still occur in the parking lot. Parking assist is a series of sensors backed by the rear-view camera to aid drivers in staying in control of the vehicle as they park. Make sure that your car comes with this package or install it as an aftermarket option.

Blind Spot Monitoring System

Vehicles, especially big ones like SUVs and trucks, have blind spots on the sides and front corners. These are the major areas that give drivers a problem when they are driving on congested streets and sometimes highways. The blind spot monitoring system will alert the drivers when there is another car, motorcycle or a pedestrian who is too close to your blind spot, which saves all of you from the collision.

Adaptive Headlights

The last safety technology we will discuss today is adaptive headlights. They dim or get brighter depending on the conditions in which you are driving. If other motorists shine their lights too brightly to blind your eyes, your adaptive headlights will be the only savior to enable you to see the road clearly.

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