The 25 Modern Technological Tools For Students: Boost Your Writing Skills

by Sachin

Nowadays, the signs of technology can be met at merely every home. People use smart gadgets in the workplace and in the street. Therefore, education is no exception, and most educators encourage students to use all kinds of technological innovations. Let’s briefly review the top 25 modern technological tools to improve academic writing skills recommended by a team of professional ENL writers from essay writing service designed to take care of student papers online.


This app helps to organize notes and plan any writing project step by step. You can create separate sections and stuff them with detailed instructions on how to fulfill every phase of writing.


It’s fully devoted to the writing process. It doesn’t have any distractions and formatting issues. Make it the full screen and focus on your writing. Besides, you can turn on several smoothing background soundtracks.


This creation serves great for blogs that are helpful for the development of writing skills. You can use a lot of features and plugins to sustain your skills. You’ll never forget to post your blog or essay.


To make the formatting of text correctly, use this smart invention. Format your text manually or via HTML. Thus, you save plenty of precious time and avoid possible mistakes. Mind that this application is suitable only for online use.

Google Docs

It’s a perfect editor with multiple options. It collaborates with many other tools and is simple to manage. Create new docs, edit and format them as you wish. Everything runs quickly and smoothly.

Daily Page

This app motivates people to write on a daily basis. It sends an email with writing prompt and requests an answer. You should use it in your writing projects and thus, practice writing skills every day.

Blog Topic Generator

Many blog writers experience great difficulties with creative topics. Use this app to generate multiple concepts. Simply write a few keys, and it’ll suggest the best topics for your blogs.

Hemingway Editor

It’s a useful tool, which helps to improve your writing skills. It proofreads texts and shows typical mistakes. These are grammar and stylistic errors. Thus, it shows misuse of passive constructions, adverbs, adjectives or sentences that are hard to read.

Advanced English Dictionary and Thesaurus

If you want to enlarge your vocabulary, use this impressive app. It was developed by Princeton University. It offers almost 5,000,000,000 words to suit any assignment, theme, and discipline.


It’s a useful plug-in similar to the Hemingway App. It can be installed on Chrome or Word. Turn it on, and it’ll check grammar, spelling, punctuation, stylistic and other essentials. It can be used on social media, Gmail, and other platforms.

750 Words

This application is a unique motivator. It makes people write a 750-word essay every day. Every time you manage the major task, you will be rewarded, and you’ll never stop again.


It creates an atmosphere perfect for writing and helps to gain proper focus. Choose among six sounds and turn off any distractions.


It’s a useful tracker. Specify the number of words you want to write every day, and the tool will nudge until you reach the objective.

Calmly Writer

It’s another tool that helps to withstand different distractions. Use pleasant music and background to focus on your projects.

Graph Words

Use this application to learn new words through a visual stimulation. Review the words and find associations to enlarge your vocabulary.


This app minimizes all sorts of distraction. Set a certain quota and keep working until you meet your objective. The system will notify you about the completion. Enable cookies to return the point when you stopped your writing.


Thanks to this smart tool, you can focus on the text you currently work with. It won’t show all the letters you write. You’ll see only the last one. After you reach your quota, it’ll show other letters.

Google Docs Voice Typing

Got tired to type multiple texts? Use this application and do the same with your voice! Dictate what to write to save your time and energy.


It’s a useful tool to organize notes and work with other students or writers. It has a user-friendly interface and a smart search system.

OneLook Reverse Dictionary

In case you forget some words or need new ones to install this application onto your gadget. Type the necessary suggestion or concept. The application will find all possible alternatives and will generate an ocean of ideas.


Brush up your grammar with Ginger. It makes automatic checkups of your texts and completes the necessary corrections. Thus, you’ll avoid misspellings, poor punctuation, misused words, and so on.


It’s another effective application to organize proper collaboration. If you write a book in cooperation with other authors, you’ll easily track any changes made by your fellow writers.


In case you aren’t able to continue writing implement this application. It offers special exercises to rekindle a desire to write and thus, beat “writer’s block”.

Gingko App

If you cannot organize your notes, use this tool. It creates plain outlines for your projects. Thus, you can plan all the chapters, concepts, themes, and so on.


This application collects ideas and spreads them to your classmates or other co-writers who are in your team. Create a to-do list and enhance collaboration. Control the progress of every paper/book step by step.

There are many helpful tools to use. They really help to improve writing skills. Simply define your goals and use the proper applications.

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