The Best Places To Sell Laptop For The Most Value

by Sachin

We spotlight great solutions to sell your used laptop for top value.

For whatever the reason, you have decided it is time to move on and upgrade your laptop. However, getting the latest model is kind of expensive, depending on what you want your device for. Is it for heavy workloads? Is it for casual gaming? Or is it for daily basic tasks? Either way, laptops are not cheaper tech. A great solution is selling your used laptop for cash, to help you pay part of the funds for the new one.

But, where to sell laptops for the best deal at zero risk? There are many options, however, we have spotlight the best places to safely and easily sell laptops for great value. As well, you’ll find the basics to prepare your device for selling.

The Basics to prepare your laptop for the best value

The very first step to do before turning your laptop into cash, is to save and backup all your personal information like documents, files, pictures, and videos. You can use an external hard drive to save all your personal information or upload all the data on platforms online like Drop Box or Google Drive. Also, you’ll need the basic information of your laptop like the model number, serial number, and the specs in order to get an accurate price or quote for your laptop. Don’t forget to clean your laptop properly and to give an honest diagnostic about its internal and external condition.

The Best Places to sell laptop for value 

You’ll find different options to sell your laptop whether online or offline. Each of these suggestions have their own advantages and disadvantages. However, it’s up to you to choose the one that works best for you.

Sell laptop on legit middleman’s site:

Gadget Salvation is a trustworthy solution to sell laptops or any other preloved gadgets online. Their site is easy and secure to use, and the selling process is hassle-free. You’ll need to answer some questions about the condition and functionally of the device you want to sell. They send you a prepaid shipping label from UPS, after you have accepted the purchasing offer from them. Plus, the company guarantees fast payment, within 48 hours from the reception of your goods. The funds are paid via PayPal, Venmo, Bank account or Check. We have checked customer reviews on Google reviews and Trustpilot of Gadget Salvation, and they are high rated.

Trade in your laptop for credit:

Laptop manufacturers and big retailers such as Apple, Best Buy, Amazon, and Walmart have available trade in programs. Generally, the trade in program consists of exchanging your used device for credit or gift cards for a future purchase with the brand. The trade-in programs from big retailers and manufactures are very alike. You can drop off in the store your laptop or do all the process online, and get paid with a gift card. However, duly note that each company has their own conditions to pay for your used devices. If you are looking for instant cash, perhaps this option is not for you. But, if you are totally fine having a gift card to use whenever is the right time, then trade in programs can be a good option.

  • Apple: offers online and offline trade-in service for certain devices. Apple only accepts some devices in pristine contention. If your device has some signs of wear, it is highly likely that Apple gives a zero value and proposes it to recycle for free.
  • Amazon: only offers trade-in online service for textbooks, cell phones, tablets, video games and kindles. To trade in your device with them, look your device in the right category, and depending on the condition, you received a credit. Amazon sends you a prepaid packing slip to send your goods.
  • Best Buy: accepts the same categories of Amazon, and adds other categories such as E-reader, MP3 players, Computers, TV, Home theater and gaming equipment. You can either drop it off in-store or do all online. Also, they give you the prepaid packing slip valid for 14 days.
  • Walmart: offers the same packing slip as their counterparts, after you have fulfilled some questions about your laptop condition and accepted the quoting offer. If everything is ok, you get an electronic gift card as payment method.

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