The Importance Of A Promo Video For Your Business

by Sachin

When budding entrepreneurs are in the early stages of putting up a business, creating promo videos is usually farthest from their minds. The focus is primarily on raising capital, interviewing and hiring people, and posting about the new company on different social media platforms in the hope that people will want to go and make purchases.

Although all of those are a must, creating promo videos for the company is equally important. Promo videos are a very effective marketing tool for businesses. This is because promo videos have the capacity to reach a wider audience, especially with the advent of the Internet.

Videos are also shareable, which means they can be shared as many times as possible on Facebook, on Twitter, and on other social media platforms. Unlike pictures that people online can easily skip, videos have the ability to demand the attention of the viewer.

Here are more reasons why a promo video is important for one’s business:

Rake in Money For the Business in Other Ways

The availability of social media platforms that are willing to pay for good content has made it possible for business owners to earn additional income with their promo videos. YouTube is one of these platforms. On average, YouTube content creators can earn from $0.30 to $5 for every 1,000 views. That is not at all bad, and it may even cover the small capital you might have invested in the creation of the promotional video.

Help Increase your Google Search Engine Ranking

Videos can increase the number of time spent by people on your site. Wistia found that the average time a person spends on a page with a video is 7 minutes and 21 seconds. This is a far cry from the 2 minutes and 48 seconds one spends on a site that has none.

This big discrepancy in the amount of time spent in the two scenarios has a lot to do with the very nature of videos themselves. Videos are essentially moving pictures with noise, which means that when one watches a video, he gets the satisfaction of having both his auditory and visual senses stimulated. In text, on the other hand, only the sense of sight is stimulated.

So, why is it important for people to spend more time on your site? The site’s “stickiness,” as it is called, is one of the factors Google considers when ranking search engine results.

So, if you want to have a shot at securing that top spot, include a promo video on your company’s site.

Help Potential Customers Develop Personal Relationships With The Brand

When viewers see well-done promo videos, they automatically feel a personal connection with the brand that puts out those videos. How many of you felt the urge to sign up at Greenpeace to save the seas when you saw that little girl exploring the ocean in her imagination in the promo video of the organization? How many women appreciated the brand Always when it put out its promo video #likeagirl and denounced, subtly, the prevailing degrading notions about women?

When people learn to appreciate the brand, they look forward to more interactions with it. When this happens, it means they are more likely to purchase the brand’s products. According to Slicevideo, if a user has a positive experience with a video advertisement, the probabilities of them purchasing the item in the ad increase by a whopping 97%. Consequently, they will likely remain a loyal follower of the brand.

Boost Brand Recall

The very nature of videos allows for increased brand recall. Because both the auditory and sight senses are stimulated, people who watch your promotional video are more likely to remember your brand. Slicevideo said that studies have shown that an average person remembers 95% of what they watched, as opposed to the measly 10% they remember when they read.

As a business owner, you want potential customers to remember your brand more than the other brands they are bombarded with wherever they go in this age of information. The reason is simple. If they remember your brand, they are more likely to purchase your products.

Convey The Company’s Core Values

Videos are a good way to convey a message. They make the most complex messages digestible so that the viewer can actually easily understand them. This is important because when you put out a promotional video, your aim is not only to advertise and promote your products. You also want to convey your company’s core values, which are complex but important concepts, and establish the company’s identity with potential customers.

Thus, when you put out a promotional video, you are not only effective in making one of your product lines known to potential customers. You are also effective in explaining who you are, what you stand for, and what your actual goals as a company are.


A business venture can only be successful if customers patronize the services or products it offers, which is only possible if these consumers know about what is being offered in the first place. Increased awareness is, therefore, always key.

Sure, potential customers can gain awareness of your services or products once they enter your stall or your company, but the chances of them entering in the first place are, unfortunately, probably slim to none.

It’s not that these structures are not attractive enough. It’s just that in this fast-paced world, people just seem not to have the luxury of time to do those things anymore. You would be lucky if they actually went out of their houses to buy their food (they can always order this online nowadays) and, by some stroke of luck, they pass by.

This is where the importance of promo videos lies. Promo videos are an excellent way to bridge that gap between your company and potential customers.


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