The New iPad – Enough Change To Make It Worth Buying?

by Sachin

The iPad has always been the market-leader when it comes to tablets and will continue to dominate the market as long as Apple keep up with innovative trends. The iPad has always been one of Apple’s successful line of products with it turning ten years old this year, it has sold more than 360 millions of them since the device was first released back in 2010.

The new iPad was released at Apple’s annual conference last week and should continue to reign supreme in the tablet market and even their entry level iPad Air gets a performance boost this fall. The main feature in which you will notice from the new iPad is that the design is still pretty similar to that of last year’s design; in fact, the design hasn’t changed much over time and still Apple has stuck to their usual ways. Although this isn’t an issue as it is still a beautiful and sleek design, we do think it’s getting to a period where Apple will start to think the design is outdated.

The New iPad The aesthetic of the iPad isn’t the only thing that hasn’t changed much from last year’s design either; the new model has kept the same 10.2-inch Liquid Retina display with the 8-megpixel rear camera and 1.2-megal pixel Facetime HD camera on the front. So, from what it seems, Apple haven’t changed much on the new device?

Well, internally, Apple is now powering their iPad with a A12 Bionic chip which promises to make the device 40% faster than any previous model, and even if you aren’t very tech-savvy, you can certainly feel the difference straight away. The extra boost in performance really helps the usability of the iPad, with shopping on e-commence markets, checking e-mails and streaming movies being of ease these days. 

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The new iPad Air is the one we are looking forward to the most, due to its updated 10.9-inch screen which like the new models of the iPhones pushes to the edge of the device giving that 99% screen effect.

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