The Perfect Apps To Help You Connect With The Outside World (2020)

by Sachin

While the global pandemic that we’re currently in may have thrown a bit of the spanner in the works with regard to the general every day running of society, including meetups with friends, parties, or even live events/gigs. With the usage of modern technology (something that nearly everyone has in their homes in some way or another), we’re able to connect with each other and the outside world.

Stuck indoors, and missing your friends, family, or colleagues? Take a look at the following short guide, with some suggestions on the perfect apps to help you connect with the outside world during self-isolation.

Video Calling

One of the most popular used app types at the moment is video calling and video conferencing software, allowing groups of people to meet up and chat face-to-face. For businesses continuing to work as best they can from home, platforms that allow multiple people such as Zoom or Microsoft Team’s video chat are invaluable, and those just wanting to catch up with family can use the likes of FaceTime, Skype, or HouseParty.

Finished with the corporate meeting with your boss, and want to lighten things up a little bit by playing some different games with friends? The likes of HouseParty and Facebook Messenger’s integrated video chat platform include built-in quizzes and games that you can play to help pass the time.

Movie Night

Missing trips to the cinema with friends, to view the latest blockbuster? With a built-in extension for your chrome browser, Netflix Party allows you to watch films and television with your friends in synchronisation. You might not be able to pass the popcorn, but there’s a group chat function so you can share your thoughts with each other throughout, and I suppose that also means you get more popcorn to yourself!

Virtual Reality (VR) Apps

If you’re stuck on the same old boring four walls and want to simulate some place new for a while, virtual reality is the perfect escapism, and there are thousands of VR apps for mobiles. With a simple phone casing – or even a makeshift VR lens kit that you can construct from cardboard – you could experience videos on YouTube as if you’re in a full-sized cinema, or even plan your next holiday by going to a destination of your choice in Google Earth. Sure, this primitive tech might not be as good as the real thing, and prolonged use can be a bit headache-inducing, but it’s something fun to try out, and at some points it can be rather convincing.

Did You Know?

 VR is being used in a variety of different innovative ways, not just for gaming. In the investment world, for example, many companies are continuing to offer entrepreneurs and investors the chance to view potential prospects through VR. RWinvest, a property investment company with offerings throughout Liverpool and Manchester, can show investors through a ‘remote viewing’ what their investment will look like, even if still in construction phases. 

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