The Role Of Chatbots In The Overall Automation Goals For Modern IT Businesses

by Sachin

Modern IT businesses have long ago jumped the automation train. Automation allows them to streamline workflows in many departments, cut down the number of redundant, and reduce human errors in repetitive tasks. Can the newest addition to the IT family, the chatbots, help them reach the ultimate automation goals?

It shouldn’t surprise you to see automation and chatbots being used in the same sentence. Powered by AI and machine learning, these little fellas are more than capable of effortlessly handling simple to complex tasks in the modern IT business environment. 

Are you interested in automation and chatbots more? Scroll down and read about the role of chatbots in the overall automation goals for modern IT businesses. 

Automation And Chatbots

Automation business tools have been around for quite a while now. But these tools are highly specialized, and IT businesses can use them to automate only one aspect of day to day work. On top of that, they are pre-programmed, meaning they can’t learn and can only do what they were designed for.

Automation and chatbots make a powerful synergy. Why? Because chatbots can automate a lot of things. And since they are intelligent, they can learn from past interactions and automate more than just one thing for IT businesses. 

Streamlined Financial Activities

Dealing with finances on an everyday basis can be exhausting. For IT businesses, this can become particularly inconvenient when they start growing exponentially. What if we told you that chatbots are more than capable of automating finances for you? 

Yes, they can automate both internal and external finances in an organization.

Chatbots can take care of your bills on their own but also enable your clients to pay you in a faster and convenient way. More importantly, they can not make mistakes and will always report back to you with the latest and accurate data. 

Convenient FAQ Mr. Know-It-All

Premium customer support service is expensive. Yet, many IT businesses struggle to come up with the best ticket deflection strategy, free up their agents, and provide assistance only to people who have severe problems. So far, the only way to do it was to either go with a self-service help center or extensive FAQ pages.

Automation and chatbot come to the rescue once again. Intelligent chatbots can answer these questions to your customers in an instant. 

Yes, you will have to provide them with the initial input, but once their database is complete, your human customer support agents will only have to deal with the “real” problems.

24/7/365 Customer Support

We intentionally said “human customer support agents” above. Why? Because chatbots can be customer support agents as well. In fact, very efficient and productive ones. While the obvious benefit of “hiring” chatbots for your support department is “one chatbot can serve multiple customers at once”, there are a couple more.

Chatbots don’t know about timezones or employer ethics. They can work 24/7/365. IT businesses can use chatbots to automate customer support services completely.

Improved Accessibility

Automated communication across multiple channels. It sounds like a dream come true, right? Well, chatbots have successfully hacked into digital communication and made every channel their own. That’s excellent news for IT businesses because chatbots can be used to automate internal and external communication.

Can you use them in a live chat on your website, Messenger, Skype, Viber, Slack? No problem, they are ready for deployment no-code required. They can help employees call in sick, check their salary, number of vacation days, and so on, or help you reach customers where they are. 

Automate Customer Relations

Most IT businesses utilize CRM solutions to study and learn their customer base and use the information to improve products, services, and create a customer-centric approach. 

While this process requires substantial time, effort, and human force, it does deliver results. Chatbots are bound to automate customer relations and introduce something new in the field of CRM.

Yes, modern chatbots have natural language processing capabilities and can delight customers as if they were real agents. But they also can learn from past interactions, remember personal preferences for every customer, and follow up with custom-tailored personalized offers. 

Get Valuable Insights

Decisions, decisions, decisions. The IT industry is highly competitive. Every business decision has to be data-driven to succeed. The competition is already doing it, and basing a decision on the experience or a hunch is very risky. 

That’s why IT businesses put high hopes in reports. Since they are AI-based, chatbots can play a vital role in leveraging big data in IT business. While they can automate all of the processes we mentioned above, they can also automate data reporting.

Identifying patterns is easy when you have a powerful AI engine at your core. Thanks to chatbots, IT businesses can come by actionable insights in real-time, improve their practices on the go, and ensure success. 

Thanks to their capabilities, chatbots can easily tackle every major automation challenge IT business can come across. They can automate customer support, finances, communication, and customer relations. It’s safe to assume that their adoption rates in the IT industry will keep on growing. 

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