Tips To Help You Grow Your Instagram

by Sachin

Social media is one of the most effective marketing tools for businesses in any industry or niche. Out all social media channels available today, Instagram is one of the most popular platforms. Its popularity is probably due to the fact that it uses images to convey messages. Marketers take advantage of this opportunity to stand out of the crowd and to attract attention. Anybody can actually benefit from growing a strong profile on Instagram, as it can be an effective image building and branding tool.

Nonetheless, using Instagram as a business is more difficult than you imagine. It can be tough for a business to get on Instagram and gain real followers that may become paying customers. Some businesses benefit from using – Instagram automation tool, which can help you understand your Instagram following. 

This article shares a few more tips to help you gain more followers on Instagram.

1. Get On Instagram Via Facebook 

The fastest and easiest method to set up your Instagram account is to register with Facebook. You’ll be prompted to automatically follow all your Facebook friends who are already on Instagram. This will make it easy for them to return the favor and follow you, too. By going this route, you’ll start with a nice boost of your Instagram profile, getting it ready for acquiring a larger following.

2. Upload Only High-Quality Images

The quality of your photos is one of the key factors for success on Instagram. Always post high-quality photos, as this is the best way to attract likes and comments, and to increase the number of followers. Top-notch photos are the secret weapon that can push you above your competitors, regardless of your industry. Invest in a reliable camera, and learn how to use it properly. The right lighting and a sharp focus are two of the elements that can help you take the best possible pictures and boost your chances to go viral on this social network.

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3. Interact With Others

Growing your Instagram network is a matter of interacting with others. Following people may determine them to follow you back. Liking and commenting on their photos may make them want to take a look at your account, and maybe follow you and like your posts. This is one of the best tricks to make other people notice you and check out your profile and your images. Although time consuming, this technique works like a charm, so you should definitely give it a try at least in the first few months.

4. Follow Others To Gain Followers Of Your Own

This is what you have to do to grow your followers on Instagram at a rapid pace. Whenever you follow others, you increase your chances that other people find you and follow you. Nonetheless, always remember that the quality of your photos will make it or break it for you. 

5. Use Relevant Hashtags And Exchange Shoutouts

By exchanging shoutouts, you let other people know about your latest post. This will help both of you promote your profiles on Instagram. Just find other people in your industry or niche and ask them for a shoutout by sending them an email message or an Instagram request. Most people will be happy to take advantage of this opportunity.

Always keep your hashtags relevant. When you use the right hashtags, you gain in visibility and popularity. However, by using the wrong ones, you can easily lose followers, as they won’t find the type of content they expect. You may want to create a list of the most relevant hashtags in your niche and keep it handy to use it whenever you add a new post.

In conclusion, Instagram is one of the most effective tools modern internet marketers use to grow businesses without spending a fortune in the process. It can help you keep your customers in the loop, so that they know about all your latest happenings. By taking photos of your production process or of your offices, you can keep your customers close by making them feel they are part of your family. The success of Instagram accounts relies on the follower count, hence the need to gain as many followers as possible. You can do this by posting only high quality photos that speak volumes about your core values and about the mission of your company. The more active you are on Instagram, the faster you’ll grow your account. It only takes a few posts going viral to see an exponential growth of your number of followers and of their interactions with your images.

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