Tips to Keep Great Employees Engaged When They Work from Home 

by Sachin

You might be wondering how to keep employees engaged when they work from home. The issue of remote working is a big one, especially if you’re a digital marketing agency that does not want to see the costs of office space skyrocket and your potential profit dwindle.

This blog post shares some tips for keeping your employees engaged and productive when they work from home:

1) Ensure good IT support

The business’s IT support needs to be deployed in such a way that it can support the remote working ecosystem.

For instance, you need to have adequate bandwidth and make sure that your employees will have access to many different types of devices and operating systems. Steps should also be taken to ensure company data is safe and backed up with services from a company like

You should also ensure that all email communication is easily sent and received, so your workers can communicate with their clients, co-workers, and bosses. In addition, make sure that the IT support is reliable enough.

2) Real-time updates

Make sure that you keep employees on the same level with written and video communication. If employees are not getting the real-time updates from your company that you would want them to have, they can easily lose interest and stop showing up to work when they work from home.

3) Be respectful of employees’ work-life balance

There is, of course, a possibility that employees might be unhappy about the fact that they have to work from home when they would prefer to work in an office setting. Make sure you respect their private time by giving them time off or letting them work in the office at times when they are available.

4) Encourage friends and family members to join

Those who know your company well might think it is a great idea to join your team and make an extra push for new business. That’s exactly what can happen with this tip – encourage friends and family members to share their opinion about working remotely with you and see if they have any suggestions or experiences that could help you keep employees engaged at all times.

5) Use social media

With this tip, you show that you listen to people and are open to their suggestions. You can use social media, the likes of as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, to help keep your employees engaged by sharing real-time updates and the work of the staff.

6) Regular Appraisals

It can undoubtedly be difficult for remote workers to gauge how well they are doing against company targets. You must be in regular contact with your team as a team and as individuals; part of this involves staff appraisals where you can discuss their performance against the company and individual targets.

7) Incentives

The best way to reward someone when they work from home is by giving incentives for productivity. This can be particularly powerful when you are managing a remote team, as it’s all too easy for remote workers to slip under the radar.

It is definitely important to keep remote workers engaged and on the same level or even ahead of the rest of the team. If you want to keep your employees engaged, you need to communicate with them regularly and give them regular feedback that is clear and encouraging. This can help make sure that employees stay motivated and happy, which in turn means they will be more productive.

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