Top 10 Student Helping Apps of 2019

by Sachin

Studying can at times be difficult especially when you are required to read through a series of books and lots of notes to get some ideas. Sometimes it can be so boring spending long hours in the library trying to get ideas on a certain topic. However, with the technological advancements and the innovation of the digital educational apps that have made learning so simple and fun.

The apps have made it easier for college students to access all their notes through online platforms. If you are looking for the best iPhone apps that can help you access your notes, then you are definitely in the right place as this page highlights the top apps you can use to help you have a smooth time while studying. The apps will also enable you to make citations and come up with quality content even when doing your assignments.

Below are some of the top apps available in 2019 that can make learning easy for you during your college life.

  1. RefME

This is one of the widely used apps by college students to get access to their notes and hence helping them to have an easy time preparing for their exams. The app basically makes use of your iPhone’s camera to scan a textbooks code and create a citation in different formats including the MLA and Chicago or whichever format that your college prefers. You will, therefore, do not have to spend hours trying to reach your textbooks.

  1. StudyBlue

StudyBlue enables students to easily upload their class notes in electronic flashcards and hence making it easy to share with their friends. This means that if you were not able to attend a particular class session you can ask your friends to share the notes with you on your iPhone.

  1. Evernote

This is also a great app to help you have a smooth time in your studies(just like Copycrafter does with research papers). It allows students to easily capture notes or a memo written in any format and transforms it into an electronic form such that one can access it on their phones and even send copies to other people. This is a great app also for academic writers who need to prepare their notes before converting it into soft copy text.

  1. Office Lens

Office lens is a Microsoft app that takes pictures of your documents, receipts, and magazines among other reading materials using your iPhone camera and easily converts them into editable contents that can also be shared to other people. Even if the text seems blurred this app cleans it up and makes everything clear such that the document can be read without difficulties.

  1. Wikipedia

We all know what Wikipedia is but the official Wikipedia app on iPhones contains more than 30 million articles written in 280 languages hence making it easy for students to get information on various topics. This is also a great app for all writers doing academic writing as it provides enough resources that they need to compile a quality document.

  1. Wolfram Alpha

This app uses a collection of algorithms and data tools to find solutions to some tasks and also provide reports on your assignments. This app covers different domains and you can always use it to get enough knowledge of your research.

  1. iStudiez Pro Legendary

If you finding an app that can help you keep a track of your daily schedules then iStudiez Pro Legendary is the best option to go for. This app helps you complete all your college assignments on time. With this app, you are also able to properly plan for your exams and how you can fully prepare yourself before they can begin.

  1. Todoist

This is an incredible app that helps you to properly organize your work. This application helps you complete all your tasks effectively because you have listed down all the tasks and the particular time when you should do them. It is such a great app for college students to help manage their study schedules.

  1. Freemind

Before you can come up with a quality text you need to map out some key points on how to put down your ideas. This app, therefore, helps you to diagram your ideas before you can compile them into a document. The app has been used for a long time and the features keep improving and hence turning out to be one of the amazing apps for writers and all college students compiling their reports.

  1. ProWriting Aid

ProWriting Aid is a great editor app that helps you go through your content as you make corrections on grammar and spelling errors among other errors. This app is not only helpful to students but also to all academic writers who need to edit their texts into quality documents.

Studying can quite be boring but with the use of these apps, you can easily have a good time going through notes. Academic writers can also use some of these amazing apps to help them compile quality documents. All you need to do is simply downloading the apps from your play store and get to enjoy all these services.

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