Top 10 Student Helping Sites And Apps Of 2022

by Sachin

Life as a student is easier when you are young because you have plenty of adults around that can offer assistance when the going gets tough. But as you get older, you are expected to weather your responsibilities on your own.

Fortunately, there are so many apps and websites on the internet today designed to make the lives of students easier and more efficient, with some of the more prominent offerings including:


Copycrafter has a healthy pool of bloggers and writers of varying levels of skill and experience. They have been taught to write, edit and proofread, and they are perfect for the average student that is still struggling to master the essay writing process.

The people behind the website are trained to receive and then execute the most complicated of requests, and they are not known for missing deadlines. So you can trust them to deliver your assignments on time.

2). StudyBlue Flashcards and Quizzes

Flashcards are a tried and tested method of studying, and the Studyblue app allows you to either create your own flashcards or access the hundreds of millions of flashcards that other people have made.

You can customize your cards, create quizzes and monitor your strengths and weaknesses.

3). Mint

Student life does not revolve around studying. You have to think about your finances, especially in college, and this is where Mint comes into the picture. The App will help you manage your money.

You can create budgets, record transactions and monitor your account information. The app uses powerful encryption tools to maintain the security of your data.

So even if you lose your digital device, no one else can access your Mint account.


This website is concerned with sleep and it’s perfect for students because it will help them manage their time more efficiently. The website doesn’t just track your sleeping habits.

It creates a schedule that will allow you to acquire optimal rest without sacrificing your study time. You can trust it to let you know when you should go to bed so that you can rise at the desired time.

5). GoConqr

If you thrive in social settings, this app will allow you to collaborate with other students from your class, region and other parts of the world. You can participate in learning groups, share learning resources and exchange advice.

6). Studious

This app is perfect for students with a poor attention span. Not only will Studious silence your phone when you attend class but it will keep you apprised of every test and assignment on your school schedule.


The internet is the bane of many students. Even when they access it for study purposes, most are easily distracted by the allure of social media and video sharing platforms. can, at the very least, help students steer clear of online distractions.

As its name suggests, the app will block or make it more difficult for them to access those websites that distract them the most.

8). My Study Life

This app allows you to schedule your entire school semester or year. It will track your classes, the tasks you have been assigned to do and every test for which you need to prepare ahead of time.

You can program reminders and set objectives for specific classes.

9). Office Lens

This Microsoft app is designed to help students document their lectures. It can be used to take pictures (of blackboards, whiteboards, etc.) which it converts into text that you can edit and share.

Office Lens is best utilized in conjunction with other recording apps like SoundNote and Audio Memos Free.


This website won’t write your reports for you or record your lectures. But it will augment your learning experience by providing additional study material that you can use to supplement whatever knowledge you gain from your classes.

Technology has come so far. While the load that students are expected to bear has grown, they also have access to so many online tools that are designed to make learning a less arduous task.

And it isn’t just the apps and websites mentioned above. From SimpleMind, Headspace, and Alarmy to CALCU and Evernote, there is no end to the number of apps and sites that can make student life a more fulfilling experience.

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