Top 3 best International Money Apps 

by Sachin

There are many situations where you might find yourself wanting to send money to a friend or family member who is currently in another country. If one of your friends is traveling abroad, they might lose their money or have an emergency that requires more funds than they’re carrying at the moment. When this occurs, you can be there for your friend by using an international money app to send money whenever necessary. The primary reason to use an international money app is that the fees for bank-to-bank wire transfers can be much higher. Before the need arises, you should familiarize yourself with some of the top international money apps available. the following offers a comprehensive guide to three of the best international money apps that you can use.


1. TransferWise
TransferWise is a popular international money app that will allow you to transfer money to family members, friends, and even businesses in any one of 59 different countries. There are more than 40 currencies that TransferWise can accommodate, which include everything from the Euro to the Norwegian krone. When you send money via this app, the transfer can take anywhere from 1-3 days to be completed. Their standard transaction fees are known to be lower than most banks and typically come in at around .7 percent.

When you find the ideal currency conversion rates, these rates can be guaranteed for upwards of 29 hours, which will allow you to send more money to a friend or relative. Another notable benefit of using the TransferWise app for your money transfer needs is that there are no minimum transfer requirements, which means that it’s possible for you to send lower amounts of money if needed. The app is easy to download and comes with a slick interface that should make it simple for you to transfer money internationally.

2. OFX

OFX is considered by many to be the ideal international money app when you want to transfer a large sum of money overseas. When using OFX, you will be able to send money to dozens of different countries across more than 55 currencies, which means that you shouldn’t run into any problems when using this service. This app is outfitted with a live exchange rate converter for the currency you wish to use, which gives you the ability to lock in a great exchange rate well before you make the exchange.

While there is no cap placed on the number of transfers that you can make, the app comes with minimum transfer requirements of at least $1,000, which is why this app is typically used for larger money transfers. While the fees associated with this app can vary significantly, they are typically lower than two percent. The app also has a global support team that’s on hand if ever you experience a problem with your transfer.

3. Western Union
When you want to transfer money to a bank account abroad, one of the top international money apps that you can use is Western Union. One notable benefit of using the Western Union app for your money transfer needs is that they allow up to $50,000 to be transferred from a bank account in the United States to a bank account in another country for $0 in fees. While you will need to factor in the currency rate when making a transfer, the $0 fee should help you save money.

When sending money to someone in another country, this app can be used with more than 200 countries and 130 currencies. There are also many different methods of payment that you can use for your transfer, which include everything from paying with your credit card to transferring money directly from your standard bank account. Once you’ve made a transfer, you can track it directly from the app, which makes it easy to check the status of your transfer when on the go. 

What You Should Consider When Selecting a Money Transfer App


Because of how affordable and convenient international money apps are, they’ve become very popular among individuals who want to send money to friends or family members who are currently overseas. While this increase in popularity has allowed apps to become better and more refined, it also means that there is practically an endless number of international money apps to select from. Before you select the money app that’s right for you, it’s recommended that you first look at the different characteristics of each app so that you can be certain your choice is the right one. There are several things that you might want to consider before choosing a money transfer app. 

Amount of Transfers You Expect to Send

Before selecting an international money app, you should identify the number of transfers that you expect to send when using the app. The majority of these apps place a limit on how much money you can spend at once, which can be a hindrance when you want to make large transfers. Some other apps will charge you a certain percentage of the amount that you transfer, which can make them poor selections when you’re looking to transfer a high amount of money. As such, you should select an app that doesn’t have such rigid requirements in place.

Your Location

You need to determine where you’ll be sending money before choosing an international money app since different apps accommodate different countries. Certain money transfer apps don’t even allow for international transfers. You should also avoid apps that only allow international transfers if you pay high fees. If you are planning on using the app extensively, it’s important that you choose an app that comes with robust security, which will give you confidence that they will keep your money safe.

Overall Transfer Speed

If you need your money to arrive at the intended destination as quickly as possible, it’s recommended that you take a look at the transfer speeds of each app you’re currently considering. Transaction speeds can vary significantly. While many apps are able to deliver money from one bank to another within the same business day, it’s important to understand that some apps come with transfer speeds of 3-5 business days, which means that you could wait a long time for your money to get where it’s supposed to. 

Who The Money Is Being Transferred To

If you’re sending your money to friends or family members, almost any international money app will meet your needs. If, however, you expect to send money to individuals or companies you don’t know, it might be a good idea to choose an app that provides certain guarantees or protections in the event that the money was sent to the wrong person. 

You should consider using an app for your international money transfers because this type of service allows you to transfer money quickly without needing to worry about lengthy delays or errors during the process. Since these apps can be downloaded directly to your smartphone, you can start a money transfer no matter where you are, which makes the service highly convenient.

The recent influx of international money apps means that the market is improving on a regular basis. Now that you know of three of the top international money apps, you should be able to select the app that meets your needs and provides you with the feature-set you prefer.


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