Top 3 Mobile Wallets for Bitcoin in 2020

by Sachin

Long gone are the days when Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies were only known to a small number of people. Many digital currencies are mainstream nowadays, with more and more people using them for various purposes.

Some are investing in the long-term value of BTC and other assets, others engage in day trading in the pursuit of quick profits. There are also people who simply use crypto for daily activities like buying things online.

If you are in the last group, you should consider using a mobile wallet for Bitcoin. It’s an easy way to have access to your money at any given moment and most of them are very secure.

Here are three great mobile wallets for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies that could cover your needs. They all work on both iOS and Android, so the most popular devices are all covered.



If your top priority is to find the most secure Bitcoin wallet, Breadwallet has a strong claim for that title. It combines usability with excellent safety measures that the users can apply to add extra protection to their wallet.

Breadwallet works with a direct Bitcoin client network, so there are no extra servers that could be vulnerable to hacks and other harmful activities from third parties. 

Furthermore, you can send money to any merchant or website that works with crypto in seconds, without further fees.

It makes Breadwallet a great solution for people looking to use Bitcoin for online gambling deposits. If you fall into that category, you should check out these real money gambling apps.



Edge is one of the most popular mobile Bitcoin wallets. The app was first launched more than five years ago and has grown immensely since. It used to work with Bitcoin only, but there are plenty of other cryptocurrencies available nowadays.

The user interface is intuitive which is one of the main reasons behind the popularity of Edge. That doesn’t hurt the security, though, as the company uses top-notch measures to protect your money. There’s a 2-factor authentication available to any customers and it’s strongly suggested you use it.

Furthermore, Edge doesn’t keep any of your data on the company’s servers. All info is encrypted and kept private for the users’ safety.

Edge also has some interesting features like a crypto exchange and you can also claim forks directly through the app. It’s an excellent overall solution for everyone interested in finding a mobile wallet for BTC or other popular cryptocurrencies.



Another mobile wallet for Bitcoin that deserves a lot of attention is Bither. Let’s start by mentioning that you can use it both as a hot and cold wallet. That allows each user to keep just enough Bitcoin for daily expenses and protect the rest in the offline mode.

Your private keys are protected by a digital password and there’s an automatic backup that helps you recover your money in emergency cases. The cold wallet also comes with additional security checks and measures which makes it extremely safe.

As for the hot wallet, it’s decentralized, secure and easy to use. It also comes with plenty of minor features that allow you to follow every transaction and explore your history at any given moment.

Bither is constantly improving its service, so you can expect more useful features in the near future.

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