Top 5 Family Tracker Apps For Android

by Sachin

All of us have a legitimate tension regarding the safety of our family members. We always get in a dilemma between wanting our children safe and granting them freedom. Well, family locator apps are available for Android at PlayStore or install using the APK Downloader. These apps can detect the location of your loved one’s mobile device and send an update to you that your children or spouse have reached the desired place safely. Without delay, let’s discuss the top 5 apps for tracking your family member in real time.

Google Maps

When we talk about GPS tracking apps, the crown goes to the best there is Google Maps. Apart from helping you to figure out a way to reach your destination faster, it also helps to track and find your friend or family members, once they share their location. It offers

  • Locations of the best destinations around you
  • Explore a new place when you travel and make you feel like a resident of that place.
  • Shows you the list of places to stay, eat and visit around you
  • Offers offline map feature where you can download the map and use it at a place where there is no internet connectivity.

Family Locator

The world around us is a large and scary place. What if your kid goes to a picnic with his friends? You can use Family Locator to track his real-time location. The app notifies you whenever someone reaches a marked destination like school or any other place. If your family member is a bit forgetful, instead of relying on them to remind you that they reached safely, you can simply use this app. It also provides a private chat option where they can share their location details and photos with you.

Find My Friends

This app was initially released for iOS users and currently available for Android as well. The app is integrated with Google Map and apart from showing your family member’s real-time location it also shows emergency services like a police station or hospital. There is also a forum where you both can exchange messages. The only drawback is that the app is not free. It provides a free trial and once that is over, there is an option to purchase the premium version and unlock its full potential at a monthly price of $5.

ZoeMob’s Family Locator

What makes this app exceptional is, apart from showing only the location of your loved one, this app also assists you to organize or plan an outing. An exceptional feature of this app is the ability to grant permissions. Let’s suppose your children go to an amusement park and wants to ride a roller coaster. They can click a pic, send it to you and ask permission regarding whether they can take the ride. Not only that, but you can also check minor details like whether the transport which your child is availing is traveling within the speed limit. Although your kid may get mad with all these details if he or she is a teenager, yet a little preplanning never hurts and it keeps you free from worries.


The best open source family locator which works properly on any device that has internet connectivity. Here, not only the owner but also the person whose location is being tracked can get an option to set up the tracking limit and duration. If your kid requires a little bit of privacy, this feature is useful for them. However, in that scenario, they get reminders to send you updates regarding their location and activities. 

Our hectic work schedule makes it difficult for us to stay connected with our family members all day long. But with the apps listed above, at least you can check and be worry-free when you observe that your family member has reached the desired location safely.

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