14 Tubi TV Alternatives for 2023- Get the Best Entertainment Online

by Sachin

Tubi has been an online streaming service since April 2014, providing customers access to thousands of popular movies and shows live or through on-demand video streaming. Tubi offers movies and television series from Hollywood studios such as Paramount Pictures, Lions gate Films, and MGM.

The service works on multiple devices, including Android mobile phones & tablets, iOS iPhones & iPads, Apple TV 4th Generation, and other TV platforms like Chromecast and FireTV. Tubi also provides HD viewing options with 1080p resolution and closed captioning support in many languages, from English to French and Spanish.

Current Status of Tubi tv in 2023

Tubi is one of the most successful streaming services in the world, boasting over 20 million monthly active users by the end of 2021. The service has been overgrowing, with steady user growth and a few new additions to its library every week. Today, Tubi is one of the biggest names in on-demand streaming, owing much to its extensive collection consisting of over 50 thousand movies and series – both hot new releases and old favorites from Hollywood Studios.

However, competition amongst similar VOD providers has increased significantly as well. Even with its success, there are still plenty of alternative services to choose from in 2023, and we’ll be looking at the different options available for streaming media today.

Best Alternatives for Tubi tv in 2023

Several free streaming platforms are available for users looking for an alternative to Tubi tv. Here is a list of 14 such rivals that offer much more than movies and make them some other good options:

1. Popcornflix


Popcornflix is another streaming service that offers movies and TV shows for absolutely no cost. Along with the US content, it has a diverse international film collection. Users can find all recently released titles on this platform, including blockbuster hits like the Star Wars franchise, Jurassic Park series and more. It’s available on almost every primary connected device, making it one of the best free alternatives to Tubi tv in 2023.

2. Crackle


Crackle is owned by Sony and provides its audience with both movies and shows from many different genres in return for free – with no subscription needed. You can find a wide range of content here, from cult classics to some recently released films. They also have their original programming, which looks incredibly promising.

3. Yahoo View

Yahoo View

Yahoo View has been around since 2006 and will remain a popular streaming destination in 2023. It’s legitimate, trustworthy, reliable and available on almost every significant connected device – including your phones and PCs. Some shows even have multiple subtitles options, such as English, Spanish or French, for those watching abroad.

4. Vudu


Vudu is one of the USA’s most widely-used free streaming services, offering a vast selection of Hollywood movies at no cost. Several genres and categories are available, from horror movies to comedy classics, allowing you to find something suitable for your taste easily. It also has a very user-friendly interface and is accessible across multiple devices as well which means it’s an ideal free alternative for those who want access to Tubi tv on the go.

5. IMDb TV


Owned by Amazon Prime Video, IMDB TV feature recently released movies, documentaries and classics for free. It’s available on almost all major streaming devices in the US/CA region, such as FireStick, AppleTV and Roku. They have a great selection of titles, so you can easily find something that suits your entertainment needs without going over budget.

6. Pluto TV

Pluto TV

Pluto TV offers unlimited access to thousands of hours of content with no registration required – including classic films, TV shows, news, and sports. With over 100 dedicated channels and 25 categories of content, viewers will always find something entertaining on this service without costing them a single penny. It’s also available across multiple platforms, including AppleTV, Roku & Chromecast devices.

7. FilmRise


FilmRise is one of the best free streaming services for those looking for international movies in 2020, offering independent films worldwide. It has an excellent selection of classic movies, documentaries and even shorts available in select countries other than the US & Canada. The main advantage here is that they don’t ask you to create an account before streaming, so it’s much easier to access compared to many services today.

8. Kanopy


Kanopy offers over 30,000 feature films and documentation from the most crucial movie studios at no cost. It’s accessible virtually everywhere, from multiple devices supported like AppleTV and Roku to gaming consoles. Xbox & PS4 as well with no registration needed. They frequently update their selection by adding new titles weekly so you won’t lose great content soon!

9. WatchIT


WatchIT is a relatively small but growing streaming service that offers over 10 thousand TV episodes and Movies for free across multiple platforms such as Android, IOS & Amazon Prime. They have their player and don’t require you to create an account, unlike many extensive streaming services like Netflix or Hulu Plus, making it dependable and easy to access for viewers who want to watch stuff quickly without any hassle.

10. PBS


Public Broadcasting System (PBS) is a free online-streaming alternative full of educational content – perfect for those looking to catch up on some documentaries, lectures and some of the best TV series that are airing right now. The service works on multiple devices like AppleTV / Roku & FireStick with no registration required so that you can explore content quickly in minutes!

11. Hoopla Digital

Hoopla Digital

HooplaDigital is another viable alternative for those who want free access to many movies or television shows – allowing users to stream from anywhere inside their homes. You can watch whatever you want, whenever you want, with no ads and no limitations – so if you’re looking for a free streaming platform, Hoopla Digital is worth checking out!

12. Youtube


Youtube has quickly become one of the biggest streaming platforms in 2023, offering endless hours of movie experiences without needing to subscribe. It provides an excellent selection of movies & shows that can satisfy any taste, but unfortunately, only some things are 100 % legitimate like other services. Still – it’s worth checking out!

13. The CW

The CW

Another worthwhile alternative to Tubi tv is TheCW, which gives customers access to over 20 different TV shows for free and no subscription or registration needed. It has a wide range of content, from classic favorites like Friends and Gossip Girl to recent hits such as Batwomen & Supernatural, making it great for those who might want lighter entertainment in return for their money.

14. Sling Freestream

Sling Freestream

Sling offers users a free account with access to over 50 live TV channels and movies through the sling freestream program – no subscription required! It also doesn’t require you to create an account which makes it much easier than many other streaming services, as well as having one region-specific content tailored for different audiences around US & Canada.


The streaming market is competitive for users seeking an alternative to Tubi tv, and the services available continue to grow as technology advances.

Thankfully, several providers are now offering ways for viewers to access free content without worrying about being charged a subscription fee, making them much more appealing than traditional cable/satellite companies in today’s on-demand era. From Popcornflix to Sling Freestream – there’s something out there for everyone that can easily rival Tubi tv without spending a single penny!

Tubi tv FAQs

Q1: Is Tubi tv free?

Yes, Tubi is 100% free, with no subscription fee required. You can access their library of movies & shows through supported platforms such as Amazon Firestick and AppleTV or by downloading their app, available on Android and iOS devices.

Q2: Does Tubi have a closed captioning feature?

Yes, Tubi has multiple closed captioning options, including English and other languages depending on the content.

Q3: How many devices can I use Tubi tv on?

Tubi supports devices such as iPhone/iPad, Apple TV 4th Generation & higher versions and devices running on Android4.2 or higher operating systems. You can stream their content through supported platforms like Amazon Firestick, Roku & Chromecast.

Q4: Is Tubi tv available in countries outside the US?

Tubi is currently only available in the US and Canada, but they are working on expanding their service to more regions.

Q5: What kind of shows does Tubi tv offer?

Tubi offers a wide range of genres with something for everyone – including comedy, action, drama etc. They also have plenty of classic Hollywood titles, recent releases and even originals from their partners!

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