20 WatchESPN Alternatives for 2023- Discover the Best Way to Earn Your Sports Fix

by Sachin

Introduction and its features:

WatchESPN, formerly known as ESPN3.com, is an online streaming service that provides cable subscribers access to live sports events and replays. It also offers movies, news segments, talk shows, and other on-demand programs from ESPN’s vast arsenal of production and networks. Starting in 2019, Walt Disney Company changed the name from ESPN3 to WatchESPN as part of their newly named streaming app ‘ESPN+.’

Current Status of WatchESPN in 2023:

By 2023, most leading cable Networks have ceased broadcasting LIVE sporting events. The demand for sports has snowballed since internet television services like Hulu and Netflix were introduced. This led to a decrease in dependence on cable plans. With so many subscription-based alternatives providing premium streaming programs, WatchESPN abruptly lost its market share. Now streaming services like Amazon Prime and Hotstar USA have combined to form formidable competitors for ESPN+.

Best 20 Alternatives:


Destination Link: streameast.live
StreamEast provides access to numerous sports events from across the world. The sports categories include Soccer, Basketball, Handball and Volleyball. StreamEast also offers an extensive collection of entertainment shows enabling subscribers to enjoy a complete selection of sports events without leaving their homes.

Fox Sports GoFox Sports Go

Destination Link: foxsports.com/live
Fox Sports Go is another WatchESPN alternative that allows users to watch live sports activities from many major United States networks such as FOX, NFL Network, FOX Sports and many more. The service is an app for iOS and Android users and PC and laptop browsers.


Destination Link: methstreams.com
Meth Streams provides viewers access to live sports streams of major US events such as basketball, baseball, tennis, golf, hockey & motorsports. Selections range from recent games to classic matches going back years. What makes MethStreams unique is that it offers users a range of stream optimization options to adjust in case they experience any lag or buffering during their streaming session, as well as interactive chat so that viewers can communicate with each other while viewing their favorite sports events.

SportSurgeFITE SportSurge

Destination Link: sportsurge.net
SportSurge is another WatchESPN alternative that allows subscribers to view sports games and highlight reels of their favorite teams. It has an extensive library of sports events across countries, including Basketball, Soccer and WWE. The website includes a search bar that lets viewers quickly find recent games or replays they wish to watch.

CBS SportsCBS Sports

Destination Link: cbssports.com/live
CBS Sports offers access to around 60 CBS partner networks, providing streaming content covering all major US sports leagues like NBA, NFL, NHL, NCAA and MLB. The service also gives access to live sports events and on-demand replays and highlights worldwide.

Facebook WatchFacebook Watch

Destination Link: facebook.com/watch/sports
Facebook has recently launched its streaming platform, ‘ Watch,’ which allows users to view various sports activities such as NBA, MLB games and Olympic Records in one place. This newly launched service provides an exciting addition to online streaming.

Pluto TVPluto TV

Destination Link: pluto.tv/live-tv/sports
Pluto TV is a live streaming platform allowing users to watch free sports matches from countries, including the US, UK and Canada. It also gives access to highlights for replays or archived sports events allowing subscribers to go back in time and relive classic games such as Super Bowls.


Destination Link: espn.com/watch
ESPN+, previously known as ESPN 3, provides users access to hundreds of live events and original TV shows covering mainly US sports leagues, including NFL, NHL, MLB and much more. Subscribers are also given the privilege of staying up-to-date with all current news in the sports world and exclusive content available only on the service, such as its original series ‘Detail’ and documentaries.


Destination Link: dazn.com
DAZN is a unique streaming service focusing mainly on boxing, MMA and other European sports leagues, such as Italy’s Serie A soccer league or the UEFA Champions League. It also features combat sports entertainment like kickboxing and sumo wrestling championships while offering access to the 2019 FIBA Basketball World Cup.


Destination Link: fubo.tv/welcome

Fubo tv can be considered one of the leading WatchESPN alternatives for sports streaming. It provides subscribers an extensive list of over 100 networks for watching sporting events, including NHL, NBA, soccer, and motorsports such as NASCAR, NHRA, or Formula 1.

Sling TVSling TV

Destination Link: sling.com
Sling TV is another leading alternative for users to watch live sports activities worldwide, including cricket and rugby matches. The website also features an On-Demand tab allowing subscribers to access their favorite programs and archived events anytime they wish without leaving the comfort of their homes.

Hulu + Live TVHulu Live TV

Destination Link: hulu.com/live-tv
Hulu + Live TV is a new alternative for users who want to keep up with all the latest sporting events worldwide. The website allows subscribers access to over 60 channels covering nearly every major US sports league, including NHL, NFL and MLB, and several international companies like T20 cricket or MotoGP racing action in various high-profile championship series.

YouTube TVYouTube TV

Destination Link: tv.youtube.com/welcome
YouTube TV is one of the leading streaming services offering access to over 70 top channels providing sports coverage worldwide, allowing users to watch live games, highlights, and replays on-demand. Of course, its integration with Google’s search engine technology means subscribers can instantly find any sporting event they may be looking for quickly and easily without leaving their homes.


Destination Link: nbcsports.com/live
NBC Sports is an excellent alternative for users who want to stay up-to-date with all the latest news and events from major US sports leagues. The website provides access to over 60 channels covering nearly every type of sporting event, such as NFL, NBA, NHL or MLB games, other international tournaments, and much more.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video

Destination Link: amazon.com/gp/video/storefront
Amazon Prime is one of the leading streaming sites offering access to over 10,000 movies and shows and various live sports programs, including top-tier US championships like MLB and NFL games or Formula 1 racing matches. Moreover, its integration with Alexa allows subscribers to browse their favorite sporting events by voice command technology easily.

Hotstar USAHotstar USA

Destination Link: us.hotstar.com/sports
HotStar USA is renowned for providing subscribers access to various sports activities, including cricket and soccer matches worldwide. The website’s library also consists of on-demand replays, highlight reels, and live-streaming services, which can be watched in different languages.


Destination Link: sonyliv.com
SonyLIV is a dedicated streaming service for sports fans that provides access to various international sporting events like Bundesliga, UEFA Champions League and La Liga matches. Depending on their preferences, it also allows subscribers to watch live sessions of different championships, highlights, and replays in either HD or SD quality.

ESPN PlayerESPN Player

Destination Link: espnplayer.com
ESPN Player is one of the best alternatives to WatchESPN since it provides live streams and replays from major US sporting events such as NFL, NBA and NHL matches and international series like Serie A or Super Sport. The website also offers an extensive range of on-demand sports video clips, allowing subscribers to relive classic moments in their favorite sports anytime.

Peacock TVPeacock

Destination Link: peacocktv.com/sports
Peacock TV is a new streaming service that provides subscribers with an array of sports activities from various US leagues like MLB and NBA, along with more specialized affairs such as Yoga or Poker championships. It also allows watching international sporting events, including Rugby, Cricket and Soccer matches.


Destination Link: paramountplus.com/shows/sports
Paramount+ is the newest streaming service on our list, providing access to thousands of movies, shows, and live sports events. It features over ten networks covering different types of US championships like NFL, NBA, and NHL matches. Moreover, it offers exclusive coverage for international series like English Premier League or Champions League soccer games.


With the new wave of streaming services becoming available in 2023, viewers can now expect to access some of the best entertainment programs online without having to depend on expensive cable plans. And among all the new services that have emerged, WatchESPN still stands out as a great alternative to earn some quality sports fix from anywhere. So check out these 22 alternatives and determine which works best for you.


Q: What type of content does WatchESPN offer?

A: WatchESPN provides access to live sports events worldwide and on-demand replays of popular matches in various categories, including basketball, soccer and boxing, among others. The service also offers exclusive programs such as talk shows, documentaries and movies produced by ESPN.

Q: Which devices are compatible with WatchESPN?

A: WatchESPN is currently available for iOS & Android devices, PC & Macs, Smart TVs, and select gaming consoles, including Xbox and PlayStation 4.

Q: Does WatchESPN offer HD streaming?

A: Yes, WatchESPN provides HD streaming across all compatible devices.

Q: Can I watch archived sports highlights on the website?

A; Yes, viewers can easily browse various highlight reels of their favorite teams going back years.

Q: Does WatchESPN also provide non-sports content?

A: WatchESPN offers original programs such as talk shows, movies and news segments from its vast collection of networks.

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