What is An EE Signal Booster?

by Sachin

Our lives have become greatly dependent upon cell phones and mobile devices such that we cannot allow poor signals to disrupt our daily routine tasks. And it becomes even more difficult when our homes and offices do not allow proper signals inside. The best way to solve this problem is to get an EE signal booster installed at our homes and offices which can improve the signal detection in our devices.

A signal booster is a device which amplifies the weak signals in areas of poor signal reception. It compensates for the shortage of signals and improves signal detection on our mobile phones and other portable devices.

Why You Need an EE Signal Booster

Although EE’s network signal spreads throughout the country, sometimes the signal does not reach your home or office. This can be due to weak signal detection of the devices, building insulation, living in areas far away from the main antennas, etc. This problem can be solved by installing a signal booster device in your home or office. EE signal boosters are the best for improving signal reception of your devices as they amplify the weak signal and distribute it evenly. This can be a solution to your indoor signal coverage so you never have to worry about poor signals on your phone, laptop or any other device.

EE Signal Booster 1

Basics of an EE Signal Booster

EE signal boosters are based on four parts. An exterior antenna, coaxial cables, signal amplifier and an indoor antenna. The exterior antenna receives signals from nearby cell towers and sends them to signal amplifier through the coaxial cable towards the indoor antenna which then transmits the strong signals to the areas having poor signal reception.

How is an EE Signal Booster Installed?

Installing a signal booster at your home, office or even in your car is easy and simple. The exterior antenna can be fixed outside at a point where there is a strong income of signals. The coaxial cables are then connected from this antenna to the signal amplifier (or signal booster) and then to the indoor antenna. Also, there is an option for having multiple indoor antennas if necessary.

EE Signal Booster 2

Types of EE Signal Boosters

The two main types of signal boosters are vehicle signal boosters, designed to use while moving (e.g. for a car) and building signal boosters, designed for a single location (for home and office) and these provide more signal boosting than vehicle signal booster.

Choose the Right EE Signal Booster

You have probably heard of the terms 2G, 3G and 4G LITE but which of these you should purchase depends on your need. If you want to boost voice calls more importantly and to a lesser extent your data, then a signal booster supporting 4G LITE is the best option for you. About the frequency range, EE signal boosters having a frequency range of 900/1800 MHz are considered to work much better than 2100 MHz and 2600 MHz Also the EE’s network also operate within this frequency range.

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