What Qualities to Consider When Buying Social Media Analytics Tools?

by Sachin

In the advent of the use of social media in business marketing, there are many important factors that organizations should incorporate in their operations. One of the most critical factors that companies should make sure they understand is social media analytics. This is an essential factor that involves analyzing important data about the process through which social media is helping in the organization.

In a nutshell, social media analytics is the standard process of collecting and analyzing important data from social networks such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. It is mostly used by business marketers to track online conversations about various products and services. Effective social media analytics requires the best tools. This article discusses what you need to look for when you are selecting social media analytics tools for your social media analysis.

1. Users Allowed

In any marketing department in an organization, there are many marketers and social media analysis experts who should be able to access relevant information in the organization at any given time. Therefore, any analysis tool should be able to support several analysis experts in the organization. You should make sure that you avoid a tool that can only be used by one individual at a time. A device that can be used by three or more persons offers value for your money.

2. Different Functions

Social analytics involves collecting information about various aspects of the product or company in social media. Therefore, the tool uses should be able to perform different functions so that it can be essential in the operations of the company. The tool that you should consider should not only be ready to collect information on social mentions, but it should be prepared to present information on the marketing posts where you have not been mentioned as well.

3. Channels Supported

Social media analytics is no longer a single-channel service. Most of the companies are using the three leading social media platforms to reach their customers. Therefore, any tool that the company is using should be able to conduct analysis on all three social media channels; Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It is important to record that there are tools that have been designed to conduct an analysis on a specific channel. Although this is good for startup companies, it is always necessary to have a tool that can support multiple channels.

4. Customer Support

Customer support is becoming critical incorporation that most of the organizations are incorporating when they are buying software for their businesses. A social media analysis tool is software that cannot be handled by individuals who do not have background information about software. There is a high chance that the software will continuously fail to offer services as needed. This is where the services of customer support are required. In most cases, customer support experts are technicians who can help the company to streamline its operations.

5. Cost Of The Analytical Tool

Lastly, it is crucial to consider the price you will have to pay for any tool out there in the industry. In most cases, the features and complexity in each software will determine the prices that you will have to pay. However, it is important to cut on the initial amount that you will be required to pay because you are running a company. You can even consider using trial versions before subscribing, which will save you some dollars in a specific month.

As you can see, you don’t need to buy just any social media monitoring  and analytics tool that you will come across in the industry. You need to contact NetBase so that you can get a tool that offers you the necessary benefits. Some of the factors that you should consider when buying an analysis tool have been discussed above.

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