What You Need To Make A Career Out Of Gaming

by Sachin

So you’re ready to go from the tops of the leaderboards to the eSports big screen? Pursuing a career in gaming can be a lucrative way to turn your passion into a profitable trade. Of course, becoming a professional gamer is much easier said than done. You need to be willing to work outside of standard 9:00-5:00 hours in order to get all the practice you can; you’ll have to build a team of top-notch players who can obliterate unworthy opponents and build notoriety; and above all else, you’ll need to invest in some serious gaming gear to give yourself a competitive advantage over anyone you face.

While the first two requirements depend more on personal motivation, the gaming rig setup just takes a little knowledge (and a lot of capital). You’ll need to make a pretty big chunk of money upfront, but if you think about it as an investment in your future career—and imagine all those tournament prizes you could win—the price could seem like small change in the long run. Not sure what to shop for on your way to gaming greatness? Add these items to the top of your list.

  • Gaming Computer

Above all else, you need a beast of a computer that can take on even your most demanding triple A (AAA) titles. If you’re still playing Starcrafton an old-school laptop, your gaming career will never get off the ground. Gaming computers come equipped with the newest, most powerful graphics processing units (GPU) in order to take on the heavy load most competitive games come packed with. The gaming graphics card market is set for a massive growth in technological development by 2025, so even if you’re playing on a computer that’s just a couple years old, you could be missing out on a significantly better, up-to-date GPU.

Other specs you should look for in your gaming computer apart from a powerful graphics card is a fast processor that will allow you to stream your victories onto Twitch in live time as well as a dazzling resolution that can bring your immersive battlefield to life.

  • Gaming Monitor

Unless you’re playing on a gaming laptop, you’ll need a dedicated gaming monitor to pair with your computer. What makes a monitor good for gaming? For one, you get crystal clarity that’s dripping in detail, making sure that every single element designed by the programmers are fully appreciated. Also, these monitors come with higher refresh rates, which refers to how frequently the screen can refresh itself to load a new image. Quick turns, explosive responses, and zero glitching can all be owed to fast monitors.

If you really want to get a leg up on the competition, a curved gaming monitor is a must. They allow you to see more around every corner—meaning you’ll be able to see your opponent before they see you—and the warped display wraps around your field of vision to pull you into the game like never before!

  • Gaming Mouse and Mousepad

These items might surprise you, especially if you’re just beginning to enter the world of competitive gaming, but a dedicated gaming mouse and mousepad can make all the difference when it comes to precise in-game play. Much like the importance of the controller when playing Xbox or PS4 games, the mouse and keyboard are absolutely vital. So if you’re looking for the best versions available, it’s time to check in with the aerospace industry. Aerospace industries need better optical mice that deliver higher accuracy, longer stability, and smaller size for applications such as aircrafts, submarines, and space shuttles, but consumer electronics have also embraced this refined technology—specifically, in gaming mouses.

A gaming mouse moves more accurately and the tactility they offer gives players responsive feedback essential to peak performance. Go one step further by pairing your mouse with an optimized gaming mouse pad that can deliver a buttery smooth range of motion.

  • Gaming Keyboard

Gaming keyboards have programmed shortcuts that optimize your in-game play by facilitating quick and efficient key presses. With everything strategically designed at your fingertips, you’ll be able to execute commands quicker than ever before. Most of these keyboards are mechanical, meaning they give an audible and tactile feedback that you can use to improve your reaction times. Eventually all our games will be played with virtual or augmented reality, but until then, a keyboard remains vital to your gaming experience.

  • Gaming Headset

The last thing you need is a headset that you can use to communicate with teammates on your quest for victory—because Skype conference calls simply won’t cut it. Once your team is equipped with the above gaming essentials, you’ll need reliable communication to coordinate attacks and become the best of the best.

You’re all set! Get your rig together, gather your team, and practice, practice, practice!

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