WhatsApp wants to start advertising to earn money with its users

by Sachin

The use of WhatsApp Messenger is free. In addition, the Messenger does not contain any advertising to the delight of its users. The problem: The WhatsApp motherĀ Facebook does not earn any money with the service. That should change now. Monetarization begins.

The fact that a global company such as WhatsApp is looking for new employees is not worthy of notice. However, in the case of the three currently published vacancies, the situation is different.

WhatsApp is not looking for new developers, but a product manager whose focus is on the monetization of concepts, a product marketing manager to sell new products to existing customers in new markets, and a company spokesman who presents business models for the press.

Direct user response via geo-targeting

There is no more detailed information on which products the three new employees will be working on.

It does, however, contradict the logic of a company to hire a communication expert and a product marketing professional for a project that is still at the idea stage.

It is, therefore, to be assumed that WhatsApp founder Jan Koum already has some concrete business ideas for the monetarization in the hindquarters.

Recently the company officials have announced that it is having more than 1 billion daily users and 1.4 million monthly users

Already about three months ago it was announced that in India – 200 million people use there the Messenger – WhatsApp for Business was rounded up to a small group of selected companies.

With WhatsApp for Business, for example, shop operators can send a WhatsApp message to customers who stay nearby. By the combination with location data of Facebook is quite possible.

Monetarization via payment function

If you read the job requests from WhatsApp carefully, you will discover a second approach to the monetarization of the service. Among the preferred qualifications, the Facebook subsidiary is looking for an employee with “prior experience in local, search and payments”.

This clearly indicates that WhatsApp CEO Jan Koum would also like to finance financial transactions through WhatsApp for Business.

Apple Pay could act as a model here. First experiences with the transfer of money could be collected by the parent company Facebook in their own Facebook Messenger.

One thing remains, however, as it is: WhatsApp continues to strictly rule out the monetarization of advertisements.

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