WhatsApp plans a business function for Verified accounts

by Sachin

The messages to the professionalization of WhatsApp do not stop

Now it was announced that WhatsApp plans a business function, verified accounts and a newsletter format for companies. Nor are the features in the beta stage. However, the question is: How long?

It is now more than a year ago that WhatsApp has updated its terms of service. With the latest version of the General Terms and Conditions little changed ostensibly for users.

Who, however, had taken the time and read the details of the update attentive, notes that WhatsApp works diligently at a business function.

With WhatsApp for Business but it should not act as banner advertising or spam itself. Much more, the founders of WhatsApp in the summer of 2016 emphasized to open the Messenger for corporate purposes.

whatsapp for business

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“Whether it is a message from your bank, which announces you a potentially fraudulent transaction or message an airline that tells you a flight delay – many of us get information in various ways, including SMS or phone calls,” says the former explanation. The aim is thus clearly defined.

So far, all communication between companies and users should be possible only if the user has expressly agreed to receive messages the (advertising).

The second application for companies

And the implementation of ever taking shape. Thus, companies will receive access to the business function does not have the normal app. For small and medium businesses a second app is provided for all major operating systems.

With this additional application, WhatsApp solves several problems. On one hand, the Messenger has thus gathered all companies with business interests in one place. On the other hand, WhatsApp itself remains the users and the (private) communication reserved. Current business approaches such as broadcast What does not seem to fully comply with the idea of WhatsApp.

Business Feature: Newsletter format for (verified) accounts

The core function is called WhatsApp in the current version “structured messages.” Underlying this is a content format that is similar to a newsletter. Companies can supplement information with text, call-to-action buttons, images, and videos.

The big advantage for international companies: Through the account analysis (is updated every month) WhatsApp automatically detects speaks the language of the receiver and translates the message accordingly. The reports of the usually well-informed information channel WABetaInfo.

To what extent WhatsApp its users protect against misuse of the business function is currently not yet known. However, an effective spam filter would be a prerequisite in order not to annoy the users of the service. These are, in the meantime, after all, every day a billion people.

WhatsApp itself would obviously like to start a verification process a la Facebook and Twitter falls back. Thus, companies can verify their accounts of WhatsApp and receive a badge. This symbolizes the user that it is the message of a trusted company.

Resource: Basicthinking.de

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