Why Proctoring Exams Are Important?

by Sachin

In the case of online courses, the proctored exam tends to increase their overall credibility. To check the acquired knowledge of the course enrolled candidates you must conduct an assessment. As it is an online course so the tests or quizzes also have to be conducted through an online platform. And online assessment without any proctoring solution is of no use. So in short, a proctored exam will give value to your overall course module.

Online proctoring might be a new concept for many individuals, but big e-learning institutes and multinational companies have adopted the same with open arms. The entire process is slowly taking the mainstream route and more and test makers and administrators are choosing to go the online way of holding tests. The major benefits are:

  • Accessibility
  • Proctored environment
  • Verification

And this is where online proctoring comes into the picture. Online proctoring has managed to take up the place of traditional in-location tests and invigilation and has also managed to offer extensive benefits. These online proctoring software are developed with the intelligent use of algorithms and other machine learning technologies that can detect the use of unfair means like cheating, copying from other web sources, etc.

One of the most widely used proctoring solutions is the employment of controlled browsers. Most of the proctoring software comes with secure browsers for the students to use during the online test. The institutions and teachers have the option to take control of the extent of flexibility that can be allowed to the students while accessing different websites and tabs on the browser.

So if you get down to counting the number of benefits that online proctoring can have, I have jotted down a few for you.

  1. Accessibility: The use of the online medium for most of the test has allowed the institutions and the examinees to overlook the geographic location. With the best online examination software platform, there are many aspects of the possibilities of remote test that can be taken care of. For example, the online examination software, all the various steps, like the registration, creation of the test, and real-time monitoring and reporting. The entire process of registration is done online and the exam papers are stored on the cloud-based platform. Most of the online examination software will allow the institutions to set a variety of question patterns like long/short or MCQs.
  2. Proctored environment: The proctoring software in question allows the institutions and examiners to have a very secure and proctored environment, despite being in a remote location. The primary basic thing that the proctoring software can do is take control of the browsing flexibility, as desired by the examiner. This means the browser of the examinees will freeze, barring the candidates from taking help from any web-based sources. Also, if the examinees indulge in any undesired activities like snapping onto others’ computers or has their eyes lingering here and there, there is a real-time report that lets the examiner know about the same.
  3. Verification: At the time when online proctoring wasn’t as popular as such, impersonating in the exam was very common. Examinees had other individuals take up the exam on his/their behalf and ascertaining the impersonator was difficult. However, with the increased use of online proctors, getting hold of impersonators has become easier. This is done with the help of online verification using the examinees’ phone number for the OTP or via the Aadhaar number. It is to be noted that besides being highly popular, the online proctoring and examination software, at some point of the process, needs a skilled human to take care of the final decision. However, it is needless to say that it makes the life of the physical proctor very easy.
  4. Useful for all sorts of examinations: It is used for all forms of assessments or examinations. These may be used for all sorts of tests, such as aptitude, types of essays, type of objective, or type of subjective. It also assists in the execution of automated assessments. Usage of such devices to ensure cheating-free behavior: students need to keep their audio and video on during the proctored exam. Easily invigilated by the proctor, he can keep a full check on them. Any unusual behavior is quickly noted. Therefore, it means that there are no cheating measures.
  5. Suitable for the evaluator and the examinee: The proctoring program is ideal for both the applicant and the supervisor for the individual enterprise test. It is possible to perform the test from a remote location. Invigilation can be carried out from anywhere. There is no need for physical centers in such a situation. Students may appear at any time and from any location. It is ideal for both local students and students living in distant locations.
  6. Protection of knowledge: The candidates have to enter such data for their authentication at the beginning of the exam. This data is stored in the scheme and can be retrieved if and when appropriate. To secure this sensitive information of the candidates, various encrypted technologies and systems are also put to use. For academic faculty and administrators, online proctoring is an easier choice. Cheating and data fraud-related problems are present. The method of undertaking and reviewing the exams has been simplified by the use of such tools.
  7. Maintain a sustainable test environment: The proctor’s monitoring ensures that there are no inconsistencies in the security inspection setting. It sets up a strict atmosphere for cheating. They keep track of the students’ operations from remote areas. This is a more definitive way of performing tests at the time of online education and training since they ensure that the test takes place correctly and effectively.

Therefore, proctoring is also becoming very important at the same time as the modern learning methods come in and e-learning is becoming important for any educational institution. To maximize performance and productivity at the same time, one can go for this software.

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