Why Walmart Is Expanding Education To Their Employees. What Other Companies Can Learn.

by Sachin

Walmart is regarded as one of the largest retail shops in the world. It has many employees and is one of the largest job creators in the US. But even though they are such large cooperation, they are looking to better their employees’ lives and education. One of the ways they have been working is by introducing education benefits.

Walmart CEO Greg Foran is a big advocate for change and training his employees. He has shown this in his three-year period in charge.

Since they introduced this program, 4,500 of their employees have enrolled with 3000 of them seeking degrees in universities. This number has surprised many as it proves it is only lack of opportunities that has led to many people in the US to forfeit a college degree. Student loans turning into debt collections is too great a risk for many due to their various responsibilities.

At the moment, Walmart is offering only 14 degrees in this program with most of the business-oriented. But it is quite clear why they have this approach. With their employees having better business skills, they can be more productive. The company aims to be more diverse with their program later as more of their employees join in.

The program will cost Walmart employees $1 a day, meaning that they can pursue a college degree debt free. But many people may ask why the company is putting so much effort into education. After all, they have been successful thus far without those measures.

  • Happy employees mean happy customers: it is a great system of ensuring that their employees are happy. This results in then serving the customers better. In the end, you have happy clients and happy employees.
  • Growth: there is nothing as disappointing as knowing that you will not get a better job or a promotion because of your qualifications. Many people end up hating their job and not giving 100% at the workplace.
  • A changing work environment: many times, employees at such institutions has a very monotonous life. You go to work and back home. With classes added to the mix, they have something to look forward to and can give better output at work.

What Other Companies Can Learn from the Walmart Education Program

The truth is many institutions in the US have no plan for their employees. Many feel it is not upon them to improve their workers. But this move from Walmart can teach many of these companies how to improve the work environment.

Walmart has now attracted ambitious, goal-oriented people to work for them, with this incentive. They know they can further their education by working for Walmart even if it means using essay writer service. The company is now attracting people who are go-getters, meaning that they are getting better employees and not individuals who come to work for them as a last resort.

With more educated individuals, companies do not always have to outsource or look for recruits. This process is expensive and time-consuming. Instead, they can look for individuals within their ranks who have used their education program to grow. Such individuals will feel loyal to Walmart and grow with them. In the end, you have more qualified workers who are fully committed to your company.

Many employees from Walmart and other retail companies never feel like they are part of the company. They do not feel like they have stable jobs or wanted by the company. It is no surprise that customers often do not get the best service. But with the company embracing the workers in this way, they will feel like they are being and in turn give their best.

What Are the Benefits to the Student?

Even though the company may reap the rewards for having happier workers, these employees have the opportunity to further their careers. Moreover, they have the opportunity to get a stable well-paying job apart from getting the degree. This lets students work and gain some qualifications.

The education program and the jobs shifts are well integrated. Meaning you do not have to strain to meet both demands. At the same time, you can get up to 7 hours of free college credit by using the Live Better U program.

At the moment, with the student loan in the US around $1.5 trillion, fewer young people are getting into the job market. Walmart is doing their part to ensure that people get a better education and in turn, have more opportunities.  

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