21 Best Wiziwig Alternatives for 2023 You Can’t Resist

by Sachin

Introduction and its Features

Wiziwig had a huge fan following as the best online streaming website since 2002, but unfortunately, it stopped its services in 2014.

It was one of the most secure platforms to stream sports, TV shows and movies online without any obligatory registration or payment options. People found seeing their favorite stuff across various categories and genres much easier.


Current Status of Wiziwig in 2023

In 2023, after a few years of shutdown, there is still no news on Wiziwig’s comeback.

As such, users are now shifting towards other alternative websites that might provide better streaming services compared to Wiziwig or cost lesser depending upon the user’s preferences and budget constraints.

Best Alternatives for Wiziwig in 2023



Destination Link: cricfree.org

As one of the leading wiziwig alternatives, Cricfree is a promising platform that lets you stream sports events and other programs through its website for free.

It has live streaming links to some of the most popular sporting events like football from the Football League Championship, cricket matches from International Cricket Council, etc. and comes with features like a chat room for communicating with other viewers and free registration to access better streaming services



Destination Link: stream2watch.ws

An excellent platform for all your sports event needs, Stream2Watch has gained immense popularity due to its advantages of being built on simple yet powerful web technologies while providing a visual-heavy experience, which makes it user-friendly and responsive simultaneously.

It offers live streaming from multiple sources and allows you to browse through thousands of sports events across hundreds of broadcasters for free; and also provides ample chatrooms wherein you can discuss things with other enthusiastic viewers.



Destination Link: sportp2p.com

Another great wiziwig alternative is SportP2P which has been helping users stream various sports, such as soccer, basketball, hockey etc., since 2013.

It comes with a unique “purchase to download” option, which lets you purchase your desired game once and then take it wherever you go, giving users the utmost convenience.

Moreover, its comprehensive tournament listing, simple navigation interface and timely updates on scores make SportP2P one of the most sought websites for sports streaming in 2023



Destination Link: batmanstream.net

The Batman stream website has become increasingly popular due to its wide selection of sports events and games that can be streamed anytime on their platforms.

It provides all types of sports-related news, updates and streaming services under different categories like soccer, tennis, hockey etc., utterly free in multiple languages. It also allows you to watch replays of earlier matches held worldwide, making it an ideal choice for people who miss out on live P2P streaming options.



Destination Link: livetv.sx

LiveTV is a web-based streaming platform that provides live-streaming services for hundreds of sports like Football, Hockey, Basketball and others across websites in 2023.

It also has an impressive collection of TV shows and movies that can be watched on the portal after signing up with subscribed plan flexible subscription plans customized according to the customer’s budget constraints, making accessing better content more cost-effectively.



Destination Link: myp2p.tv

As one of the best WYSIWYG alternatives, My P2P has been extensively used as an online streaming portal to watch all sorts of sports events over the internet since 2007.

It runs on a database maintained by providers. It actively searches for available streams relevant to its users’ interests, helping them access their favorite content within seconds with minimal effort.

Also, thanks to its user-friendly navigation tools and graphics, users can easily find whatever they want without getting lost in the interface.



Destination Link: footybite.cc

If you’re a fan of Football, Footy Bite is your one-stop destination, as it streams almost all football events worldwide in 720p quality via its website and mobile apps.

Its vast customer base is due to its unmatched streaming speed, which allows viewers to enjoy their favorite matches without allowing or buffering issues commencing with minor distractions.



Destination Link: jiotv.com

Application is another excellent Wiziwig alternative that has been exceptionally popular among cricket fans worldwide due to its unique features like on-demand free sports streaming and unlimited live access to many domestic and international matches for subscribers.

It also provides users access to various shows, movies and more other than sports any time they want straight from their mobile devices with quality and free of cost.

Fox Sports Go

FOX Sports GO

Destination Link: foxsports.com/live

As one of the leading brands in 2023 for the sports streaming industry, Fox Sports Go offers value for money to its subscribers by providing an enhanced viewing experience.

Its user-friendly interface helps viewers browse through hundreds of live streams related to Soccer, Cricket, Basketball, Tennis and many other categories while offering 24/7 access to shows and movies.

Additionally, its dedicated customer care team is always available to resolve any query or technical issue related to the service in the shortest time possible.



Destination Link: atdhe.us

Atdehe has been especially popular for streaming live games since 2020 due to its user-friendly interface, absolutely free registration option, and helpful customer service, making it an excellent wiziwig alternative.

It offers live streaming on multiple categories, such as football, basketball and other sports, while providing comprehensive tournament listings and the latest score updates empowering viewers to have the best experience possible.



Destination Link: streameast.live

Another Wiziwig alternate that provides free live streams of famous sports tournaments worldwide is Stream East. This platform, with its easy user navigation and clean and crisp graphics, helps users quickly find the desired content they are looking for.

Furthermore, StreamEast stands out from its competitors due to its noise-free experience and high-definition visuals, which is unparalleled in terms of streaming services.



Destination Link: methstreams.live

If you’re one of those avid sports fans who like watching live games over the internet, then Meth Streams should be your ideal choice as it provides no-cost streaming services with high quality.

Apart from its impressive interface and graphically rich feedback, it also comes equipped with comprehensive tournament listings, real-time updates of scoreboards, and customized alerts, making your experience much better than ever.



Destination Link: sportsurge.net

Sport Surge is one of the oldest Wiziwig alternatives for providing uninterrupted sports streaming services.

It has been popular among sports lovers worldwide due to its remarkable quality of covering all major tournaments and providing quick access to the news and programs related to Basketball, Football, Hockey etc.

Also, this platform has won the hearts of many teams and coaches by allowing them to upload replays or game highlights, which can be viewed in just a few clicks.

CBS Sports

CBS Sports

Destination Link: cbssports.com/live

CBS SPORTS is an industry leader in live sports streaming, enabling users to watch their desired games without registering.

The best part about this platform is that it supports maximum display sizes for improved viewing experiences on all available devices with its excellent lighting effects, ensuring you don’t miss any moment of action from your favorite matches.



Destination Link: bosscast.net

Being a great Wiziwig alternate, BossCast has become an excellent streaming source letting viewers access all sorts of international sports events for free.

This platform also offers multiple options, including watching single matches and following live tournaments, as it has 24/7 customer service that provides a hassle-free streaming experience.



Destination Link: sportrar.tv

Among the other popular Wiziwig alternatives, Sport Rar is one quality provider which serves its subscribers with excellent audio video streaming services covering Football, Hockey and even the eSports genre, which makes it stand out from the crowd.

In terms of technical functionalities, this streaming portal comes with adaptive solid performance, low latency and 100% reliability at an affordable price.

Live Streams on Reddit

Destination Link: reddit.com/r/LiveTvLinks/

Reddit has been an excellent source for all sorts of internet streams, including sports, since 2020; hence, many users look for Wiziwig alternatives on this website.

The large number of subreddits offers vast support for live streaming sites dedicated to providing HD coverage of the ongoing games worldwide, and its comment boards are complete of like-minded sports fans discussing things related to the same sport, which creates an incredible online community.

Buff streams TV

Buff streams TV

Destination Link: buffstreams.tv

Another proficient web-based live stream platform, Buffstreams, is well known for its quality services at a minimal cost.

It enables users to stream any desired content through its user-friendly interface or mobile applications with filters like NHL, NFL etc., for providing segmented access and instant display of results on the same page.

ESPN Vidgo


Destination Link: vidgo.com/watch/espn

Coming from a significant sports network, ESPN, this freemium online streaming service gives a comprehensive experience in viewing games and entertainment events directly across its website.

ESPN VIDGO covers almost all sports tournaments, leagues and championships while providing access to chatrooms, highlight clips, replays, etc., with 100% reliability and minimal buffering time due to its sophisticated streaming services.



Destination Link: crackstreams.win

Explicitly designed, keeping the tastes and preferences of sports fans in mind, Crackstream is an excellent alternative to Wiziwig, which has been immensely popular since 2021.

It is a comprehensive streaming service spanning displays sized from iPhones to personal computers, with the option of searching from extensive sports categories, enabling users to access their desired content with just a few clicks.



Destination Link: fite.tv

Last but not least on this list is FITE TV; of all Wiziwig alternatives, it has pioneered itself in providing HD-quality streams for Sports events, Documentaries, Tv shows, Movies etc.

To ensure that viewers never miss out on the latest action, it ensures regular score updates and live streams with subscription options giving you an ultimate watching experience in the comfort of your home.


The sports streaming industry has boomed in 2023, and since the shutdown of Wiziwig, multiple alternatives have come up to provide an enhanced streaming experience at less time and cost.

As a result, fans can now watch desired content from their preferred platforms that offer various services. We hope this list serves you well when choosing the best option for yourself.

Wiziwig FAQs

What is Wiziwig?

Wiziwig was a hugely popular online streaming website for sports events that provided its services from 2002 till 2014.

It offers free streaming services of matches and other programs with a user-friendly interface that enables viewers to find desired content easily across multiple categories like soccer, cricket and hockey etc.,

What happened to Wiziwig?

Wiziwig had been running since 2002, but unfortunately, it shut down in 2014 due to various copyright issues from different countries, which forced them to leave the business abruptly without a specified timeline for the relaunch.

Its absence was genuinely felt among sports lovers across the world.

Are there any alternatives to Wiziwig available?

Yes, many wiziwig options have come up ever since its shutdown in 2014, such as Cricfree, Stream2Watch, SportP2P and others with enhanced features that offer similar if not better experience than the former.

The list comprises the 21 best online streaming platforms, including services from multiple genres and categories, including Sports, films, TV shows, etc.

Are these alternatives available for both web and mobile phones?

Many wiziwig substitutes offer services across multiple devices, websites or mobile applications specially designed for iOS and Android platforms.

These apps are usually available in the respective stores under their corresponding names, like Cricfree and Stream2Watch. In contrast, others charge a nominal fee, if any, that can be paid conveniently through your subscription plans.

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