Xing brings exciting feature for publishers and advertisers

by Sachin

The career network Xing recently rolled out a new feature for all news sites and publishers. It’s called Xing top article and allows an item to highlight on your own Xing-side up.

Whether social networks like Facebook and Instagram or career networks such as Xing and LinkedIn: The operators of platforms have long recognized that publishers represent great potential for them.

On the one hand provide publishers, news sites and magazines about business profiles with their professional content to users of the network free of charge. We are also on Xing and LinkedIn represented. On the other hand, the media from the additional reach and potential new groups of readers benefit.

Opportunities for publishers

The business networks Xing and LinkedIn are particularly exciting for publishers who want to appeal to executives targeted or in the B2B sector are on the go.

So far, however, the options for site operators compared to Facebook are restricted on both channels. Total Xing delivers better performance. Contributions can be planned easily and statistics are easily accessible.

Soon another feature has been added at Hamburger career network: the Xing top article. It is a feature that allows the operator of a site to fix a published article at the beginning of the page.

So do you choose a Xing top article

Currently, the Xing top item is still in the beta phase. The new tool is already being rolled out to the first page operator. However, it may be that currently can not access all Administation gates complete the feature. That explained a spokesman Xing on demand.

Nevertheless, we would like now to explain to you how you can add an Xing Top articles on your side.

Whether you have been taken with the beta test, you quickly notice dürftet with a look at your Xing page. Are you in the test group, you see the following field at the beginning of your page.

In very prominent position Xing know the operators of news pages out the new feature. At the same time, the career network explains how the new features.

Especially for the Xing top article A new tab has been introduced on each published article. Anyone clicking on the star icon, fixes the selected posting top of the page.

Site operators can always fix only one article at the beginning of the page. However, the contribution can be as often replaced. The only requirement is that the appropriate contribution has already been published on Xing.

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